Wishlist: ASOS shoes.

The other day I was browsing ASOS, adding more things to my saved items (which is getting a little bit ridiculous now by the way) when it struck me just how good their own brand shoes are. Sure there’s the usual abundance of colourful court shoes, chunky black sandals and neutral Chelsea boots but while many shoe retailers stick to what’s safe (Miss Selfridge, I’m looking at you) ASOS seems to really push the boundaries of what’s acceptable for the high street. Just do me a favour and search ‘Twister sandals’ on their website – hello, fabulous Charlotte Olympia-esque shoes.

So, it inspired me to pull together a bit of a wishlist (rest assured, these have all been added to the aforementioned saved items. God, is there any wonder I’m poor?). I’m rubbish with high heels – five minutes in and you can guarantee I’ll be bitching and whining about how much my feet hurt, so for the most part I’ve only included manageable heights. Hey, comfort is important and I’m forcing myself to embrace the kitten heel again. Join me on the dark side, it’s much comfier over here.

My favourite of the below are the green shiny block heeled ‘Hermione’ sandals – I love them with the cut off jeans (is anyone else getting an urge to chop off the hems of their trousers? Are we done rolling now?) but I’d want to wear them with a white pleated midi skirt and graphic tee. The navy pompom ‘Say you will’ sandals are a close second – I’d wear them with black skinnies because I’m the only person in the world who loves black and navy together. I needneedneed the leopard print ‘Long for’ flats with the hearts on the toes because HOW CUTE, and I have a feeling when I purchase the white block heeled ‘Sycamore’ shoes with the embellished toes (because I can’t even be arsed to kid myself, I’m definitely going to buy them) they will never leave my feet.

Which are your favourites?

sophia 32 sycamore 24 soda 30 scholarship 45 Say you will 40 hermione 40 hold it 45 long for 22 photobooth 50 picture 43


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