Essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri (plus a magic nail secret. Ish).

I’ve discovered a new nail trick this week. It’s ace.

But first, a bit of back story. I have the Sensationail gel nail polish kit – it’s fantastic and I fully recommend it. The only issue I have with it is the fact that the polish colours are pricey – they’re £15 each and I really resent paying that (read: I refuse point blank to pay it. £15 for a small bottle of nail polish, er no). So I’m stuck with the two that came in my starter pack, and a couple I got from the staff shop at Boots which I’m convinced are a little bit dodgy.

Last week however, I decided I’d have a go at using it with regular nail polish. I wasn’t sure if it’d work – for one, normal polish doesn’t have the same thick, rubbery texture as gel polishes – but decided I’d go ahead and give it a go. When you’re Sensationail-ing (is that a thing? It should be a thing) you basically prime the nail, apply the base and top coat, cure, apply two coats of the gel colour, curing after each, then add one more later of the base and top coat and cure again. It’s dead easy.


So this time, I primed as normal, applied the base coat as normal, cured as normal and then applied two thick-ish layers of Essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri. This is probably my favourite colour at the minute – it makes me think of watermelons which in turn makes me think of holidays and sunshine and the sea and cocktails and all the good things in life. After applying this, I waited. Then I waited a little bit more. Then I watched some New Girl and waited a little bit more. When it was pretty much touch dry, I added two coats of the base and top coat, cured after each and then finished as normal. I was a little more careful than usual in case the polish underneath the gel coat still wasn’t completely hardened up, but after a couple of hours it was good and solid.

essie peach daiquiri and sensationailDSCF3805

Now, it didn’t feel completely like a gel manicure. The gel nail paints are thick and make a solid, rubbery layer on your nail – this just felt like a typical nail polish, maybe slightly harder than normal. The lasting power was completely different though – I’ve just had them on for 6 days without a chip in sight (I usually just have to look at my nails to chip them), and I picked them off last night because I get bored and I’m fancying navy next. It was also Seche Vite levels of glossy but without the peeling. I’ll be doing it again fo’sho – it only takes maybe 10 minutes longer than normal nail painting, and it was a welcome little pampering session. We all need to make time for that every so often.


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