High end to high street: trench coats.

Ah, the Burberry Trench. Along with McQueen skull scarves and the Chanel 2.55, it’s probably one of the most iconic items in fashion and one that I’ve spent many (many, many) an hour dreaming about owning.  The classic Heritage offering is available in three different styles – Westminster, Sandringham and my personal favourite Kensington, each of which have three different colourways (honey, black or stone) and three different lengths. And that’s even without going into Prorsum, London and Brit’s offerings, which vary season to season (Prorsum has a particularly fetching insect print version right now).

burberry kensington stone trench coat

The beauty of the trench is that it comes in so many different styles and colours and yet still manages to look iconic. You can spend £30 or £3,000 on one and it can completely transform an outfit – making jeans and a t-shirt look classic and put together or dressing down high heels and a cocktail dress.

Fortunately for us mere mortals who can’t afford to drop a grand on a coat – the example above is the mid length Kensington in Stone, which is £1,195 – the UK high street rallies round every year and brings us a massive selection of copycat versions to choose from.

asos trench £60 warehouse £75 vero moda trench £45 new look £49.99 m&s £45 boohoo £30

L-R, top – bottom: ASOS £60, Warehouse £75, Vero Moda £45, New Look £49.99, M&S £45, Boohoo £30

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites here – for some reason I dress in black 90% of the time but when it comes to these beauties I’m all about the light greys and stones. Maybe when I eventually invest in a Burberry (when I’m rich. I.e. probably never knowing my spending habits) I should seriously consider a black one – imagine how upsetting it would be to spill coffee down a £1,000 dry clean only coat. I’d cry. Anyway, I’m obsessed with the ASOS offering and will fully be purchasing it when I get my staff discount, and can we also all take a minute to appreciate the M&S version? It comes in black too and it’s a measly £45 – it’s an absolute bargain and it’s gorgeous. I am loving M&S lately.

You might wonder why I’m showing you coats when we’re in June. Well, that would be because Britain is incapable of demonstrating the correct weather. Last night I had 50mph winds here and it was chucking it down. It’s not fair and I’m SO over it, but it does give you the perfect excuse to invest in one of these lightweight, all-weather friendly beautiful coats. I’ll race to you that M&S one.

Finally, I just wanted to make you aware of Burberry’s Art of the Trench sub-site if you haven’t seen it already. It’s basically trench coat porn/Pinterest/Lookbook.nu for trenches only. Enjoy.

anna derkin betina de luca isabella fiorentino

(Anna Derkin, Betina de Luca and Isabella Fiorentino – aren’t they babes?)


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