An ode to Boots cotton wool pads.

This is a really, really exciting post isn’t it? It’s okay, just take a second to calm down, I can wait for you.

Boots double faced cotton wool pads

Ready? Okay, I wanted to write a quick post about the Boots Double Faced cotton wool pads. In short – these things are the shit, and you’ll never use another cotton wool pad again after trying them. Gone are the days of flimsy things disintegrating in your hands, splitting into two halves and getting fluff all over your face – these bad boys are obviously double sided, and they’re sealed around the edge to keep them in one piece while you use them.

Boots double faced cotton wool padsAs you can see, they have a different texture on each side – a puffier, fluffier side perfect for applying creams and lotions – I use this side for my Clarins Liquid Bronze lotion. On the reverse you have my favourite side – a smoother, closer texture which is supposedly lint free. I use this for micellar waters, toner, nail polish remover – anything. I get through about 5 a day.

You get 100 in a pack, they are obviously 100% cotton, and they’re £1.89 a pack but most of the time they’re on buy one get one half price. This is one of those times. Stock up.


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