Life updates.

I wasn’t sure whether to address the fact that I hadn’t posted since January 2014 or just carry on and hope nobody noticed. So yeah, this is me addressing it. I thought I’d give you a quick update on my life since last year – it’s all been pretty exciting and it’s going to get even more so over the next couple of months!

  • I finished my year-long placement at Boots. This was in – like I needed the extra push to do any online shopping, really.
  • I’ve dyed my hair a lot. It’s like, white now. Yay for Bleach London!
  • I completed my final year of uni – my final presentation and hand in was last week, and it’s really weird being free! I loved it and hated it and I’m relieved the work is over, but I’m a little bit terrified that I have to grow up and face the real world now.
  • I joined Slimming World in October and lost a stone and a half. 1 more to go until I reckon I’ll be happy, but unfortunately for the past couple of months chocolate has been winning every. single. time. YOLO and all that, right?
  • I’ve got a job. A real life, grown up job. At ASOS, aka my obsession and all time favourite retailer. I start on the 23rd of June and I’m beyond excited. I’m going to be working in merchandising and the offices are beautiful and I’m going to overuse that staff discount like my life depends on it.
  • That means in the next couple of weeks I’m going to be packing up my life in little old Huddersfield and moving down to the capital. I’m going to have even less money than I have now as a student, I’m sure of it, and I’m completely terrified but equally I can’t WAIT.


That’s about all of it really. Exciting changes are ahead.


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