Bedroom Inspiration.



This week, I’ve signed for a house to live in next year. The most exciting part? The chance to decorate a new bedroom! It’s a rented student house so no painting or permanent changes can be made obviously, but it’s a brand new renovation with light cream walls and carpets throughout = hello blank canvas! After a lot of careful consideration (I wish that was sarcasm) I’ve settled on a colour palette of white, grey and mint green. My bedroom is going to be very, very small – a double bed and not really space for anything else – with minimal wardrobe space, so I’m going to have to get pretty creative.

I have a tall, narrow bookshelf which I plan on painting white tomorrow, and I’m going to be investing in some acrylic make up storage, little white wicker baskets and mini wooden drawers. I want fairy lights, a little photo arrangement on the wall with 3 different photo frames displaying patterns, prints and quotes. I’m on the hunt for some white broderie anglaise bedding but I can’t seem to find it anywhere – help! Then I’ll pair that with mixed up textures – a grey faux fur throw, a canvas photo cushion (with my dogs’ faces on it, of course), and assorted throw cushions which will no doubt start the year perfectly arranged and end it on my floor. Chevrons are always good – anything I can get with chevrons in it will feature heavily. A brand new Ikea sheepskin rug will get pride of place next to my bed because there’s nothing better than sinking your toes into one of those first thing in the morning.

And finally, my big aim for the year: fresh flowers, at all times, in a mason jar on my bedside table. Who wants to place bets on how long it’ll take before I get bored of it and just buy fabric flowers?


One thought on “Bedroom Inspiration.

  1. Hi Kate,
    I enjoyed reading your post cos I’m in a similar situation. I plan on moving to the UK to live with my bf and his room mates so I’m going to be sharing a room with him which mean we have to compromise on space etc I’m sure your tips will come in handy! I’m looking forward to a new start, even if it means I have to leave half of my shoes behind :p x

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