How to style Over the Knee Boots.

Over the knee boots are scary, yes? In the past, for me, they’ve just conjured up images of Katie Price not looking her best (aka looking her usual self), in skirts which are far too short, boots which are far too high heeled, and legs which are far too luminous orange. However, last year I had a pair and I loved them. They were a bit ‘out there’, I never saw anyone else wearing them, but this year I’m getting more (the ones featured in this post, if you’re interested) and I can’t wait. I loved mine, and if you style them right I promise you they don’t look anything but classy and stylish. And if you don’t know how to style them, well, that’s what I’m here for now! Just read on.

boots day

For daytime, keep it simple. Short skirts work really well with tall boots – you’d expect it to look slutty but I promise it doesn’t, teaming them with very opaque black tights is the key. Balance it out too, so don’t go for something low cut if you can help it – keep necks high and get your legs out! Juxtaposition is really the best way to make over the knee boots work, so for example wear them with big, slouchy, casual clothes to counteract the boots, and it’ll look so much better than wearing them with something tight, for example. Exception to this rule is skinnies – they look great! If you go for a pair the same colour or tone as your boots your legs will look stupidly long too – always a bonus. For silhouettes, for for shift dresses or skater dresses (providing the skirt doesn’t flare out lots) – and like I said, keep them short for daytime, and it won’t look too try-hard. The black skirt in the image above is my favourite thing on there – it’s from Topshop and is only £20-something, I have it in bright red and it’s one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. Super flattering and will make your legs look very slim, plus it’s so versatile. If you only buy one thing I recommend, get that! Chunky knits galore work best with these boots – the green jumper and chunky cardigan (I want to look like this) are both on my Christmas list and I plan on wearing them to death with my new boots! Jewellery-wise I’d keep it quite simple. Same goes for make up – easy on the smokey eyes with this look!


boots night

And here we have my night looks. Some of the same rules apply – go for contrasts and short skirts generally. I’ve included some fuller skirts here because you can get away with the drama of them a lot more at night time I think, and I’ve also thrown in a brilliant midi skirt – this would look fab because it would go straight from sleek leather boot to floaty ballerina skirt, and would just be something a bit unexpected, however, the fact that they’re both black keeps it a little more muted and wearable. The leather dress is a brave one – I cannot abide double denim, but I’m all for double leather. Opinions? I love it. The two pretty dresses there would also look lovely – I have pictures of the white dress with the gold lurex dot tights, the leather jacket and a chunky gold chain necklace. And the boots, of course. Perfect Christmas party outfit,  right there.The sparkly dress is a perfect example of the juxtaposition I was talking about: tough, studded leather boots + pretty nude sparkly dress = the sort of maths formula I’m definitely on board with. And can we just take a moment to appreciate the image of that bustier, with the tartan skirt, and the boots? Yeah, that’s a good look. Accessories-wise, I’d stick to chunky gold things because I’m all over that at the minute, and in terms of make up, just go for it. Smokey eyes AND deep lips – you can get away with it after dark.

And as always, here are a few of my favourites from We have a perfect casual look complete with velvet and polka dot tights (I am all over that); a fab example of when a longer skirt just works; shift dress and tall boots – yes, it works flawlessly (though I feel a bit sorry for whoever she’s looking at in the photo, she looks like a girl who gets what she wants); and finally a gorgeous Winter look complete with double leather and the chunky knits I’m so all over.

boots4 boots3 boots2 boots1For reference, the boots I’ve featured are from Just Fab, and were therefore £35. I really recommend Just Fab, you get a personalised selection of shoes each month depending on what it is you’re after, and you’re under no obligation to buy at all which is great. I’ve had 4 pairs so far and they’ve been such good quality, all fit perfectly and are a pretty decent price at £35! If you want to give it a go click here, I think that’ll take you via a link so if you happen to sign up I get credit (you can do the same if you sign up of course!) and therefore cheaper shoes! Win-win for us all ;)


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