I’m dreaming of a rustic Christmas.

So this year, I’m living with my parents. This means the usual decorations – the little stockings hung up on the fireplace, with a little present in every day, the ‘sleeps to Santa’ blocks my mum made years ago which we change every day, and the hideous, hideous toilet roll angel I made in nursery, aged 3, on the top of the tree. I love these decorations, and the traditions behind them, but a part of me can’t help but wish I could have my own, and put my own twist on it all.

I was browsing Pinterest to make my ‘Christmas is Coming‘ board, and I noticed that I was getting drawn to exactly the same things over and over again: namely frosted glass, burlap, fairy lights and pine cones. Anything rustic and I was clicking ‘pin it’ faster than you can blink, and yet I was scrolling straight past all the modern decorations. Christmas is a time for homeliness, and cosy warm things, and next year when I have my own place again I can imagine exactly what it’s going to look like. Basically, this:

xmas decorations


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