Jack Frost is coming.

I’m scared of ice. As in, I have a genuine phobia. I dress inappropriately for the cold 99% of the time when Winter hits, the fact it gets dark at about 1pm makes me miserable, and I always, always miss the sunshine.

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive about Winter, but every so often I like to try and focus on the good things too. The cosy fires, those cold, crisp days when there’s frost on the grass and you can breathe like a dragon, but there’s still bright sunshine and blue skies. The black forest hot chocolates from Costa, the icing topped mince pies from Sainsbury’s, and the frosty fancies from Mr Kipling (my bff). Berry coloured lipsticks and cold-bitten (ahem, blusher-ed) cheeks. Big, cosy, snuggly scarves, mittens, thick fluffy socks inside wellies 2 sizes too big to accommodate said thick fluffy socks, and Primark Supercosy tights. And hello, Christmas? Pigs in blankets, coming downstairs early in the morning to see if Santa’s been, and most importantly, chocolate for breakfast family time (love it or hate it, it’s not Christmas without it).

Maybe it’s about time I braced the cold after all.

tis the season to be jolly*You’ll find all images, and their sources, on my various Pinterest boards.


4 thoughts on “Jack Frost is coming.

  1. Your posts are amazing! You post in so much detail and everything is so interesting to read. I love it, Im just getting the grips to blogging and you are very inspirational , thankyouu x

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