Spotlight: Christmas Jumpers.

If you don’t yet own a Christmas jumper, you need to get yourself to a shop immediately. No excuses if you’re reading this at midnight – Tesco have a particularly good range this year and plenty of them are 24hr. Christmas jumpers seem to have sprung into the fashion world – and the rest of the world – from the depths of old family photos in the past couple of years; either that or I just didn’t notice them before about 2011. Either way, they’re huge now and I can’t think of a single fashion retailer who isn’t stocking them – even a load of the Christmas parties at work are Xmas jumper themed this year. Bit far, I love a good bit of knitwear, but don’t take away my excuse to wear a sparkly dress please.

Having said that, here are my top picks.xmas jumpersClockwise from top left:

  • Topshop, £42 (£33.60 if you order tonight!)
  • George at Asda, £16
  • New Look, £29.99
  • Dorothy Perkins, £29 (currently £26.10)
  • Miss Selfridge, £37 (currently £22.20)
  • Oasis, £50
  • River Island, £55

There seems to be a whole load of offers on knitwear at the minute, so get in there quick before they all end. It’s December now, no excuses! Topshop knitwear is brilliant so I automatically love the gingerbread man jumper, the New Look offering lights up (!), the Oasis one is expensive but it’s fluffy and therefore perfect, and the Miss Selfridge offering sums me up perfectly.

It’s time for tinsel, Christmas songs, and gingerbread lattes every single day, and Christmas jumpers will just help you get in the mood. Does anyone else think a fashion advent calendar would be a brilliant idea?


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