November Favourites.

As you may have noticed, this is my first favourites post. I’m a creature of habit – I’ll never change my foundation, for example (why would you when you’ve found the perfect one?!), but I do like to switch bits up sometimes, so I’ll see if I can make this a monthly feature. Read on to see last month’s gems – skincare, make up and haircare all covered!


  • Clarins Gentle Exfoliator – £25
    This is one of my ultimate favourite products. I’m morally against scrubs on the face, but as someone who has pretty consistently dehydrated skin, I still need something the sort the exfoliation out. Enter chemicals. This stuff contains AHAs which munch away at the dead skin cells (not quite literally), and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. And they mean it when they say it’s gentle – this stuff is fine for me to use every day, and my skin’s the most sensitive around.
  • UD Naked 2 – £36
    More specifically, the shade Suspect (7th down in the photo). It’s the most perfect shimmery taupe, and I’ve been swiping it across my lids pretty much every day this month. It’s light-coloured enough to be forgiving when you slap it on, and dark enough to give the perfect amount of definition. Add a bit of Snakebite in the crease and bam, perfect smoky eye.
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – £17.50
    I finally invested in this last month, after never being able to master a liquid/gel/pencil/anything liner on my top lid. For some bizarre reason, since using this I’ve been able to wear it every day, and the line’s pretty much perfect. Even I can’t put it down to my fantastic (ha) make up skills, so as far as I’m concerned it’s just the sheer brilliance of this stuff – it’s pigmented, so easy to use, and it wears all. day.
  • TreSemmé Volume and Lift Mousse – £5
    I’ve never been a TreSemmé fan, but this stuff is really good! I dispense a big, big blob into my hand and distribute it all the way through my hair, making sure I get it right into the roots and through the lengths too. Then when it’s blow dried and straightened, I’m left with volumised hair which feels soft but stays put all day. Definitely a re-purchaser.
  • Chanel Cream Blusher in Présage – £27
    So worth the money. This is the most gorgeous, matte bright coral which somehow leaves my cheeks with a gorgeous glow. And it lasts all day. You only need a teeny tiny bit because it’s so pigmented – I apply it with my MAC 168 brush and I don’t even need to set it with powder, it’ll still be there when I take my make up off at night.
  • Clarins ‘Santal’ Face Treatment Oil – £30
    In case you’re wondering, ‘santal’ is sandalwood. I don’t know why they felt the need to change it – it probably wouldn’t fit on the packaging. Anyway, I invested in this because I needed a good facial oil for the Winter, because my skin likes to throw a lot of tantrums. There’s an option for combination/normal (get out) skin, and one for dehydrated, but I went for this as it promises to soothe, reduce redness, prevent dehydration, and nourish the skin. It’s really, really lovely stuff and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Don’t be scared of oil (unless it’s mineral oil, the stuff nightmares are made of), it brilliant for your skin and facial oils will sink in very quickly and do you the world of good – yes, even if you have oily skin.
  • Urban Decay B6 Spray – £21.50
    This is a skincare spray, designed to be used before moisturiser to soothe redness, reduce oiliness and all over refine the skin. I don’t know if it’s reduced my redness (but to be fair, nothing does) but it’s definitely worked wonders on the oil production, and my skin’s not looking too bad on the whole. I like to use 4 sprays of this all over my face after my cleanser, toner and serum in the morning, then when my face is still wet I’ll apply my moisturiser and rub them both in together. Oil prevention + less moisturiser needed = smiles all around.

There we have it guys, my November favourites. I’ll make a conscious effort to try using different things next month, lets see if we can get some gorgeous Christmassy make up in there!


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