Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask.


I’m a big Origins fan. Bigggg. I think I like Origins more than I like shoes (massive statement, I know, it took some serious consideration). They’re not cheap but they make some absolute gems – I’m so sad I’ve had to move onto a thicker moisturiser for the winter because it means I can no longer use my Ginzing, but I’m still slathering on the Make a Difference + moisturiser like it’s going out of fashion, so that makes up for it.

Anyway that’s neither here nor there, because this review is for the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask (£22). It’s a thick moisturiser designed to be worn overnight (no, really?) to deliver a big hit of moisture, which means it’s perfect for skin desperate for something to drink (so, mine). Having said that though, it’s lovely on oily skin too – because you wear it overnight it doesn’t mess with your make up at all, and just leave you with lovely, healthy glowing skin ready for your morning cleanse. I have combination sensitive skin and this has been totally fine on me!

It contains all sorts of lovely moisturising ingredients, which will help create a ‘reservoir’ of moisture for the next day too. To me that conjures up images of very oily skin but this not the case at all, I promise, you’re just left lovely and soft. And as usual with Origins, no mineral oils, no parables, etc etc. All good stuff. And it smells like apricots – bonus.

To use this, you just apply it onto freshly cleansed and toned skin, just like you would a moisturiser. I apply about the same amount – don’t be fooled when it’s described as a mask, yes it’s thick, but it shouldn’t be a thick layer, a 10p sized amount is plenty and it should just make you feel like you’ve applied a thick face cream. On the back of the tube it says ’tissue off the excess’ but a) why would you apply that much in the first place? and b) hello, what a waste. I lovelovelove this applied under my Clarins facial oil, it makes me look like I’ve dipped my face in a vat of oil (if there are doughnuts being made nearby that’s not such a crazy assumption to be honest), but god does my skin thank me for it by the morning.

This is available in a couple of gift sets from the usual Origins stockists at the minute, they’d be perfect for a Christmas present, and there’s also a 10-minute version if you want something a bit quicker!


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