Review: Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in ‘Rulebreaker’.

Oh hi there, it’s me again. I know, I can’t believe this frequent posting either. It won’t last. And I’m here for good now, promise! This is a quick review of a lipstick I bought last week with all that money I definitely don’t have.

image    image

(Apologies for the blatant filters, but the lighting was weird and it was the best way to make it look true to colour. I have no excuses for the duck face.)

Seventeen Stay Pout lipstick in Rulebreaker

Price: £4.49
Lasting power: 3/5
Packaging: 4/5
Comfort level: 4/5
Pigmentation: 4/5
Stockists: Boots

Overall, this stuff is pretty darn good. The colour is gorgeous – it’s a deep plummy reddy shade, perfect for Winter. It’s a new range – Boots claim the lipsticks are ‘kiss proof’, and I haven’t admittedly tested this but this definitely isn’t the most long wearing lipstick I own. The colour lasts about two hours on me, but it leaves an even stain behind long after the formula itself has worn off, which is always nice for food lovers like me who really put these long lasting claims to work. The finish is satin, and it’s nice and comfortable to wear for the first couple of hours or so, after that it starts to feel a bit bitty, so I generally just wipe it off with a bit of tissue and reapply, that sorts it out fine. I can’t make my mind up on the packaging. It’s certainly not as fancy as my Guerlain (review coming soon), but for 4 quid what do you expect, it feels sturdy and is much nicer than Seventeen’s old packaging – I do like the matte/glossy stripes too. I think maybe I’ve just been spoilt with packaging lately! Finally, shade range: there are 14 other colours to try in this lipstick, so I think I’m going to have to stock up in the points event next week…

So my final verdict is that this stuff is good (I know that might not have been clear, I do waffle on). It’s not the most long wearing, premium lippy you ever wear (unless you have a very inexpensive taste in cosmetics, nothing wrong with that), but it does the job very nicely.


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