Top 5 Winter polishes.


Okay, so pastels may not be the traditional choice. Same goes for translucent glitter. And yes, I’m predictable with the Essie. But this wasn’t an easy decision to make (to say I’m not a nail blogger/the founder of Barry m/rich, I have far too much of this stuff) – it took a good fifteen minutes of serious consideration before I came up with these as the winners: readers, I present to you my top 5 Winter polishes.

1. Essie After School Boy Blazer.
If you’re a blog reader and you haven’t heard of this, I’ll be very surprised. The blue-black of the year, it’s sold out in far too many places and applies like a dream.

2. Barry M Red Glitter.
The truly inspired, creative name isn’t what I love most about this. It’s just my favourite glitter polish ever – it’s opaque in couple of coats, is perfect for gradients, and looks so pretty on a Christmas themed nail.

3. Models Own Blueberry Muffin.
This is supposed to smell like blueberry muffin – it doesn’t. But what it lacks in cake scents, it makes up for in being the perfect non streaky cool winter pastel blue. I recommend it with the following…

4. Maybelline Express Finish Flash Cosmic.
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I like to wear this and pretend it’s snowed on my nails, and left tiny little snowy sparkles. It looks equally good on darks and pastels, and is subtle enough for everyday (for those weirdos out there who subscribe to ‘day’ polishes and ‘night’ ones).

5. Nails Inc Savile Row.
Oh hi, perfect plummy-reddy-burgundy…y. Opaque in two thin coats, glossy, and the perfect winter colour. This stuff even works without a top coat.


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