Make your make up go further.

make up go further

We’re all guilty of piling on the product willy-nilly, without a care in the world. But if you’re anything like me, repurchasing comes way, way too soon. The last few molecules of my foundation practically last longer than the rest of the whole pot, and don’t even get me started on sharpening my eyeliner – I must have nearly blinded myself with the wooden bit approximately 50 million times. So here are some tips which I actually recommend, to make your make up go a little bit further.

Don’t be fooled by false economies. 

Storytime (it’s a bit of a wordy one, best not to read it before bed): once upon a time, I used to buy 17 pressed powder. It was cheap and cheerful, it fit in my make up bag, and it did the job just fine. I used it up quickly, repurchased every month to month and a half, and it was fine, because it was only £3.99. Fast forward a few years or so, and I started to discover premium products, and soon enough, ‘just fine’ was no longer good enough. I did a bit of research and was wowed by the reviews of Nars loose powder and it’s mattifying, glow revealing properties. The catch? It cost £26.50. For powder. However, I did a bit of beauty maths (the best kind of maths, yes?) and was shocked by my discovery. The Nars is a whopping 1.3oz/36g, and therefore costs 73p per gram. The 17, however, is still cheaper, but not by as much as you might expect. You get 0.35oz/10g of product in the Pressed Powder, which works out as 40p per gram. That’s not the surprising part though. The surprising part is how often I had to repurchase the 17 powder in comparison to the Nars, due to running out and/or it caking up in the pan, and therefore how much it actually cost me – if we say I repurchased the 17 every month and a half (in reality I probably bought it a little more than that), over the space of a year it cost me £32. I’ve just run out of my Nars, which means I’ve had it just – just –under a year. So £26.50 for a year’s worth of powder, compared to £32. Factor in student discount (making it £23.85) and it’s an even bigger difference. And the Nars is so, SO much better. Don’t be fooled by false economies, people, sometimes you’re an awful lot better off investing in something a bit more expensive, but will last you a hell of a lot longer and make your face look infinitely better (no offence).

Don’t use your fingers to apply your make up.  

I don’t know about you, but my fingers seem to absorb make up products like their lives depend on it, and my make up seems to run out about 5 times faster too if I use them. Try using a brush, and you’ll probably be amazed at the difference – not only in the finish, but in how much product you need to use (hint: it’s a lot less). I apply my cream blusher with a brush, and I need to use the teeniest, tiniest bit – when I use my fingers it feels like I scoop out half the pan unintentionally. Same goes for foundation. Repeat after me: brushes are best.

Apply your moisturiser over a liquid. 

This is something I’ve been doing a lot lately. As it’s getting colder I’ve needed to switch to a thicker, less easily absorbed day cream to stop my face turning into that of a flaky reptile. However, I don’t want to look like a greaseball after about half an hour either (my skin’s a barrel of laughs to deal with, as I’m sure you can tell), so I’ve come up with this alternative. I use a skin spray before applying my moisturiser and after cleansing – at the minute I’m alternating between Eau Thermale Avène Spring Water spray when my skin’s being particularly sensitive, and Urban Decay’s B6 spray (which, by the way, is fabulous) when it’s behaving itself a bit more. A few sprays of this, then moisturiser straight away while my skin’s still wet, and I find I need to use half as much moisturiser, it absorbs twice as quickly, and I still get the benefits from the thicker winter cream. Hello, win-win-win.

Use a good primer. 

This applies to eyeshadow and foundation. You will find that with a decent primer, you don’t need to use as much make up and it’ll last so much longer on your face too, therefore reducing the need for touch ups. So this is a double whammy – not only will it wear for longer, it’ll last longer in the pot too because you’re not reapplying every half an hour/tea break (whichever comes first). My recommendations for base would be Chanel Le Blanc illuminating base (ohmygod it’s good), and the Clarins Instant Smooth, but I’ve heard really great things about the Dermalogica too, so predictably enough that’s next on my list. I have oily skin, but with these I don’t need to reapply my foundation at all, just a brief powder top up at around 3pm. Eyeshadow-wise, you really cannot beat the Urban Decay. Your eyeshadow will last all day (and the next day too – tried and tested. Sorry not sorry) with this stuff, no need for a single re-application.

Only apply the heavy duty stuff where you need it. 

This does seem obvious, I know, but I know so many people (not naming any names *cough* my sister) who apply a full face of heavy coverage foundation when they have perfectly good skin. I have some great areas, and some terrible areas, so I balance them out by using more only where I need it, and letting my skin show through more where I don’t. I have a lot of redness on my nose, a little on my cheeks, I’m prone to spots around my mouth so have a few little red marks on my chin, and my forehead skin is totally fine. I don’t pile on the full-coverage stuff everywhere because I don’t need to – I do admittedly use a lot of BareMinerals on my nose (I trowel the stuff on, it’s a little bit ridiculous), then I use a little bit on my cheeks, concealer where I need it after the foundation, and then a final bit on my chin/forehead – just the leftovers on the brush to make sure everything’s the same colour rather than masking my face. It works so, so much better than piling it on everywhere, and it means my foundation lasts twice as long. Plus I cannot be BOTHERED applying loads everywhere (great one for lazy girls, this).

Use lip balm over your lipstick

This is one of my favourites – it makes your lipstick go further and it makes it more comfortable to wear. It’s dead simple too – just wear lip balm over your lipstick, and it wears off first. Do it instead of touching the lipstick up too, it will help it fade more evenly, keep your lips from drying out, and just make it last longer overall. It’s a good’un!


6 thoughts on “Make your make up go further.

    • Anything to justify the Nars, haha! It’s so true though, all the high end stuff I’ve owned seems to last a lot longer than budget things – not that I have ANYTHING against drugstore make up, I think it’s fab, I think premium cosmetics are just a lot more reasonable than people realise when you look at it like this!

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