Beauty Gift Guide: £25+

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Here we have my top picks for Christmas presents this year. If your budget’s a little higher these are all good bets, you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Frankly, I want them all.

Origins Mask Marvels set: £25

This comes with three different Origins masks – the Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask (which I have and which is fabulous and smells of apricots), the Drink Up Intensive 10-minute mask (which I have not got but would like), and the Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask (which I’ve heard nothing but good things about). Origins is fab, and this comes in a lovely little gift box too!

NARS Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret – £30

This little beauty is in the Guy Bourdin collection, so invest quickly before it sells out! You might want to get one for yourself too. I know you do, and it’s okay. I’m going to get one too. This comes with 5 mini lip pencils in a range of colours (one for every occasion, it’s so versatile).

Clarins Facial Oil – £30

I’ve recently bought this and I love it. It’s really good stuff – it feels lovely on your skin and absorbs quickly too. I promise you shouldn’t be afraid of putting oil on your skin! It will do it the world of good. There are three different options for this: one for oily/combination skin, one for dry skin, and one for dehydrated skin – a great option for the cold weather at the minute.

Guerlain Terra Nerolia Tan-enhancing bronzer – £44

To be honest, although I’ve put this one down, any of the Guerlain Terracotta bronzers would be a brilliant present. I’ve not tried them (they’re on my list) but I’ve not heard a bad thing about them at all – as far as I’m aware they’re the ultimate bronzer! You can get the originals for a whole £10 less than this offering, and although they’re not as pretty there’s a better shade range so you could find one better for pale skin. However, for faking a tan, I don’t think you can beat this gorgeous thing!

Clinique Black Honey beauty set – £25

The cold’s officially here, and do you know what that means? It’s time for dark lipsticks again. Deep reds, burgundies, plums – I am ALL over that. Clinique’s Black Honey is a bit of a cult product, and here’s a whole gift set dedicated to the colour, containing the original Almost Lipstick, a gloss, nail polish and mascara (don’t worry, the mascara’s black). The beauty of this is that it’s sheer, so just adds a nice tint of colour – perfect for anyone a little wary of colour.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette – tbc but probably £36, let’s be honest.

I am SO excited. If you haven’t heard about the upcoming Naked 3, you must have been living under a rock (or, you know, you actually get out sometimes). I’m not even waiting until Christmas for this, I’m buying it for myself the second it’s out. The Naked Palettes are my ultimate favourite make up products – they’re beautiful, versatile, buttery, easy to blend, pigmented, long lasting and such good value for money. £36 may seem like a lot, but let’s do some beauty maths here. 1 full sized UD eyeshadow = 1.5oz, £14. Each Naked pan = 1.3oz, and works out at £3 each. Plus you get a free gift and a free brush. I cannot say enough good things about these badboys, just buy buy buy.

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick in Garconne – £29.50

Er, no, this is not cheap for a lipstick. But you get what you pay for. I own this, and it’s the most perfect formula I’ve ever experienced. Ever. Ever, guys. It’s pigmented, creamy, long lasting and just beautiful to wear, it blows all my other lipsticks out of the water. This particular colour is the one I chose because it’s a gorgeous red – it’s pretty true but leans very slightly blue, meaning it just brightens up your teeth a little bit. And god, do I need to mention the packaging?

Okay all done, I hope that’s given you some ideas. My top picks for presents would be the Guerlain lipstick, the Naked Palette and the Origins masks, but to be honest you will worm your way into the hearts of anyone you buy any of these for. Plus they’ll owe you a damn good present in return. If your budget is a bit tighter (or you don’t really like the person you’re buying for – damn Secret Santas at work), stay tuned for the ‘under £25’ version of this coming in a couple of days.


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