Best of: Tesco.

Knock knock. Anyone still there? Remember me? I know, I know, I’m a slacker. I don’t even have an excuse for not posting in the last however-long-it-was.

Really, I genuinely can’t think of one.

I’m going to redeem myself by posting a best of Tesco post now – why will this result in redemption, I hear you ask? Tesco clothes are so cheap, you can buy yourself everything I mention and STILL have a few quid leftover to buy your Christmas presents (if you only have, say, one person to buy for. With a budget of about £20. But hey, not my fault if you’re Mrs Generous at Xmas now is it?).

Without further ado, here we have it – the best of Tesco’s current offerings, according to me.


Tesco is fab. Cheaper and more stylish than Tu at Sainsbury’s, better quality and more sophisticated than George at Asda. It has some absolute gems, and the sales are ridiculously good – last week I bought a quilted t-shirt, a leather panel pencil skirt and two shift dresses (one patterned, one colour blocked; they described them as ‘tunics’ and styled them with trousers but I say ha to that) for £7 each. And the skirt and one of the dresses have gone back up to full price.

I’m pretty much in love with everything I’ve posted here, so I’m just going to go through all of it rather than pick the highlights (of the highlights). The rucksack is a great winter update to this Summer’s trend, the landscape print t-shirt looks half photo and half watercolour painting – I am ALL over that. The shoe boots are bang on trend, the lace body is very sexy and would look brilliant peeking out from under a crop top, the black and red checked trousers are a great shape – straight and skinny but not so skinny that the ankle looks unbalanced. The shift dress I am obsessed with (I’ve just discovered shift dresses and I love them), the checked skirt I am also obsessed with (look out for an upcoming post on tartan – promise!), and LOOK how cute the Christmas jumper is. The riding boots look an awful lot more expensive than they are, and they’re a great Winter boot which won’t go out of fashion in approximately 3.78 seconds. The kimono is a fab update to any outfit and I love the paisley print, the forest green cami is my current favourite colour, the cobalt blue heels are an absolute classic in my current second favourite colour, and the striped dress looks seriously flattering. The jeans look like they’re walked straight out of Levi’s (see my boyfriend jeans post for how to style them!), and the tulle layer skirt is just beautiful – I want it with a graphic tee tucked in, and those cobalt heels.

And do I even need to mention the badger hat, really? It’s £6 – go.

For prices and details click here! Apologies to your bank account.


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