Trend Alert: Quilted leather*.

I’ve noticed a lot of quilting in shops lately. And I’m liking it. Rather than being confined to the odd leather jacket and/or Chanel-esque handbag, quilting’s now being chucked onto t-shirt, skirts, even sunglasses. Lots of leather details, texture and black – I am all over this. The day I see quilted tights will be a good day (not even joking).

So in honor of one of the 3 upcoming trends I’m most excited about (more to come later, I know you must all be dying to know what the other 2 are…), here are my top picks from the high street at the minute.


  • Knee high boots – Zara – £59.99. These have a bit of a riding boot vibe, but for some bizarre reason I love these and really don’t like riding boots. More of a nod to the trend – I know quilting’s not exactly out there but these are more of a classic item which you could hopefully wear year after year. Don’t hold me to that though.
  • A-Line skirt – Topshop – £40. Definitely buying this, as soon as Topshop decide they want to give me 20% student discount again. Not my usual skater skirt style, but I’m trying to embrace A-Lines because they’re all over the place at the minute. This would look ridiculously good with either a girly blouse tucked in, or an edgy cropped tee hanging loose.
  • Duffle bag – ASOS – £35. It took me forever to embrace the rucksack trend, and just as I’ve decided I actually quite like it, every shop in the world is just starting to move on. So I’m jumping ahead a little faster this time: I present to you, the duffle bag. It’s a more feminine option which still has the laid back factor of a rucksack – win-win for me.
  • Roll-sleeve t-shirt – New Look – £14.99. I was actually looking for a cotton jersey t-shirt with quilted leather shoulder panels (Forever 21 have a good one FYI, one which I had the chance to buy in Florida last month and didn’t. I still cry with regret every night) when I stumbled across this and fell in love a little bit. It’s a bit boxy so I’d probably roll the sleeves up a bit more, then team it with something pretty and slinky on the bottom half (need).
  • REAL leather ballet pumps – French Sole – £64 (ASOS sale). I had to include these really, because they’re just so pretty, and I needed something with a very solid nod to Chanel in the post about quilting. French Sole are not cheap by any means, but there are plenty in the sale at the minute, so snap them up while you can. These would look great with rolled up black skinnies, a bright white top, and minimal accessories.
  • Flippy dress – Warehouse – £42. I love this, a lot. Suitable for pretty much any occasion with the right accessories, I think I need it for my winter wardrobe. You can’t really see the quilting detail in the photo because it’s quite small, but when you zoom in on the website it’s very pretty. Flippy dresses suit absolutely everyone too, eking out a waist and hips from even the squarest body shapes.

*I do realise that this post should be called ‘Quilted Polyurethane’ because only the ballet pumps are actually leather, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it so I’m going with leather, sorry.


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