Review: Sanctuary 4-day Moisture Oil Scrub.

I bought this the other day from Boots after lusting over it all day and grabbing a quick sniff every time I walked past. A few months ago I had a spa treatment which basically consisted of a scrub and an oil massage, and since then I’ve been daydreaming about recreating it at home, and I think this is the closest I’m going to get – easily, at least.


This is basically a salt scrub in an oil base. The main thing you’ll notice about this if you buy it, is just how scrubby it is. I cannot abide those ‘scrubs’ (they don’t even deserve to be called scrubs) which consist of about 3 grains of whatever-it-is in a whole lot of cream – I want my scrubs to make me feel slightly like I’m going through a car wash. This does the job just nicely, and I’m left feeling invigorated and silky smooth, yet somehow it doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin.

The oils in it are great too – it does have a mineral oil base which usually I avoid like the plague, but it appears my body can tolerate it better than my face. It also contains ‘gold of pleasure oil’ (don’t ask me, I don’t know), shea butter and olive oil so this stuff’s really quite moisturising – I can’t vouch for the 4 day claims yet because I only used this last night, but so far my skin is still silky smooth and not dry at all.


It smells lovely and luxurious, it has a similar smell to a lot of Sanctuary’s other products. I think it’s going to last me a reasonable amount of time – the amount gone in the photo above was enough for my back, stomach, arms and legs (basically everywhere but my chest, avoid scrubbing your chest because the skin there is a lot thinner than everywhere else on your body) and I reckon I’ll get at least another 10 applications out of it. At £9.99, that works out at less than a pound per application, which isn’t that bad for an occasional pamper session! I used it in the bath, a couple of minutes before I got out – I just stood up, scooped a bit out in my fingers and scrubbed all over. I then sat back down for a minute or so, let the salt dissolve and got out – I didn’t want to soak off all the oils.

Overall I’d definitely recommend this, it’s so nice if you’ve had a long day at work and need to de-stress a bit. Copious amounts of Radox bubble bath, intensive conditioner and a trashy book absolutely compulsory, of course.


4 thoughts on “Review: Sanctuary 4-day Moisture Oil Scrub.

    • Haha, my phone didn’t let me see the previous comments – I have the brain of a goldfish, I clearly agreed eith you a few months ago too!
      Oh, and I love the description of going through a carwash :P

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