Is it Autumn yet?

I’m sorry to be one of those people. Those people who are never happy with the weather: when it’s sunny they want the cold; when it’s snowy they want the heat. But in my defence, the weather in the minute is just so in between. I go out in jeans because it’s so grim and cloudy, and end up sweating within about 30 seconds, I can’t handle it, guys.

I’ve decided I’m just going to be a hermit for the next couple of months and hide indoors with my pyjamas. Can’t go wrong with pyjamas.

And then when those couple of months are over, I’m going to go outside and throw all the crunchy leaves in the air in happiness because it’s Autumn – clearly the best season. The season of oversized knits, chunky scarves, leather gloves and LAYERS. I love a good layer. In honor of my favourite time of year (it’s also my birthday – my 21st this year, I have an amazing holiday currently in the planning stage so I’m very excited) I’ve put together a little moodboard to try and drag everyone else out of the Summer mood and into cold weather longing with me.


Click to make it bigger. It can’t inspire you if you can’t see it properly.

Ready for it yet? Goodbye, flip flops and fake tan; I’m so over you. At least until December…


4 thoughts on “Is it Autumn yet?

  1. I love Autumn layering. My friend got me a gorgeous purple pashmina for my birthday and I can’t wait for Autumn/Winter to come round so I can wear it!

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