Cheeky little Boots haul.

As part of my placement, I’m currently doing a 6 week stint in Boots Meadowhall. The temptation involved is actually ridiculous, and I’m really impressed with the willpower I’ve been displaying so far! Spending 8 and a half hours a day face to face with make up. hair products and skincare is tough, of course (ha), but it would seem that after spending that whole time planning what I’m going to buy I’m just too tired by home time. However, yesterday I summed up a bit of energy (and Pro Plus) and did a bit of shopping.

boots haulFrom L-R, we have some very cute little Scunci hair bands, a Soltan fake tan mitt, Garnier Intensive 7 day body lotion, No7 Essential Moisture Night cream, Aussie 3 Min Miracle Frizz Remedy, and VO5 Revive me Daily shampoo.

Not very glamorous, I know. It’s all very good stuff though! I needed the hair bands for teeny tiny plaits and things, and lets face it, the little girls’ hair accessory sections are so much more interesting than the adult ones. The Soltan mitt is one I’ve used before – so much so that it eventually developed a big hole it – and it does the job just fine.

The other products are marginally more interesting, so I’ll do some mini reviews for you.

  • Garnier Intensive 7 day body lotion for dry skin. This stuff is just such a good body lotion. It’s not thick and gloopy and hard to absorb like some body butters can be, but at the same time it genuinely moisturises and keeps you moisturised – fab for lazy people like me. It also smells nice, is cheap, and comes in a range for different drynesses.
  • VO5 Revive me Daily shampoo. For whatever reason, this gets bad reviews (all two of them) on the Boots website, but I cannot fathom why. It’s everything you’d want in a shampoo really, unless you’re very fussy. It supposedly has ‘adaptive technology’ to ensure it gives the right nourishment to the right parts of your hair – I can’t vouch for that but it does smell nice! What more do you need? Kidding – it makes my hair feel lovely and clean, soft, bouncy and looked after.
  • No7 Essential Moisture night cream. I needed a decent night cream and have been looking for aaages – I need something really moisturising yet with no mineral oil in it, and preferably something that’s suitable for sensitive skin. The lady on the Origins counter decanted a few options into little sample pots for me, but I bizzarely didn’t get on with any of them. Seems Origins isn’t great for us dry skinned girls. As it’s a night cream I need, I wanted something nice and thick and preferably oily – does nobody make creams like this any more? In the end I went for this – only about a tenner, and it actually seems to be a pretty good offering. I’ve only used it once but it did the job! I’ll report back in a couple of weeks or so.
  • Aussie 3 Min Miracle Frizz remedy. This is meant to be a conditioning treatment, but I prefer using it on the ends of my hair every day. It’s the most moisturising of all the 3MMs, I’ve found, and you need the tinest bit because it almost lathers – it seems to spread through the hair so easily. It definitely de-frizzes and leaves my hair lovely and soft.

That’s all for now – I did also buy some Nice n Easy hair dye because my roots were totally inexcusable but I had already used it by the time I took this photo – oops. I got shade 102 and it’s actually darkened my hair – I think I underestimated how much it was lightened when I got highlights back in April or whenever it was! It’ll fade in a few washes though and I’ll be nice and blonde again.

And as promised, here’s a little update on that McQueen order. It hasn’t had an outing yet because I’m saving it for somewhere special…




2 thoughts on “Cheeky little Boots haul.

  1. The scarf is gorgeous. It must be hard constantly staring at makeup all day. When I worked in retail, I always left my money in the car to resist the temptation to spend it all! lol :P

  2. God that scarf is gorgeous!

    I have the No7 Essential Moisture night cream on my wishlist. I am such a fan of No 7. If you need a good day cream, I highly recommend Garnier. I’ve talked about one in my July Favourites which really suits dry skin :)

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