How to style Pinafore Dresses.

I think I used to wear these when I was about 2. I probably had no opinion on them then, but since then my opinion has developed from hating them and thinking they should be banished to the 90’s where they belong, to actually considering purchasing one for myself. It wasn’t a quick process, but now I think they’re the cutest things since frilly ankle socks (also love) and I’m already planning how I’m going to wear them come Winter.

But as it’s still Summer (ish, what’s with all the sudden rain?) I thought I’d do a quick post on how to style these dresses now. Usually I’d do a day and night option, I know, but I really couldn’t think of enough options for dressing them up – they’re really a day thing. I’m sure Topshop will come up with a way to champion that soon enough though, so don’t get too comfy.

pinaforesAnyway, here we go! This is how I’ll be wearing my pinafore dress, when I eventually get one. This little number is a Topshop one, for £38. It’s a good all rounder – it’s a good mid-blue, it’s a skater style skirt so it’s really flattering and versatile, the front panel is a nice height and width and the straps at the back are just how you’d wear them when you were little. The most important part of this is picking a top to go with them. A few tops have the potential to look really weird because of the neckline and straps, but in general you’ll probably find that more look better in person than they do in your head! My favourite look is a short sleeved, fitted crop top, but I also adore this orange polo neck sleeveless one, it’d look perfect and believe it or not, polo necks are coming back. Your typical slouchy tees are also great. You could also try a regular button up blouse, buttoned up right to the top and tucked into the skirt of course. Try something in a really bright print, or go really cutesy and wear a gingham one. If you’re daring, try a denim shirt – double denim’s all the range now, doncha’ know?

In regards to coverups, I think a leather jacket is always going to be your best bet, but for something a bit different try a kimono, there are some gorgeous ones about at the minute. Shoes-wise, I think pretty much anything goes! It depends totally on the look you’re going for – toughen it up with some black, strappy, chunky boots or make it look super prim with some brogues or Mary Janes with frilly ankle socks. For something in between, Converse or smoking slippers are both fab – I love the burgundy velvet ones. Keep your accessories on trend – midi rings scattered on each finger, a geometric neon necklace and a big, festival-style floral headband are three of my favourite ideas. I’m also loving bags at the minute – anything slouchy is great with this look, whether it’s a rucksack or a satchel.

If you really wanted to dress this up for night, I think you’d have to go for a slightly different dress for a start. I’m thinking something in a darker colour, and preferably not denim, and really vamping the look up would be great. Smoky eyes, dark dark red lipstick, backcombed hair, lace and chunky heels is the image I have in my head! Picture it – looks good, non?

And finally, this is definitely a trend which will get bigger in the Winter. I already have plans – patterned tights combined with scrunched down knee high socks and chunky ankle boots; cable knit polo neck jumpers, big comfy scarves – I’m very excited for how cosy this sounds.

As always, here are a few of my favourites from the ever-inspiring and purse-hammering

pinafores1 pinafores2 pinafores3 pinafores4













P.S. Here’s a sneak preview of something very naughty which I just did. More details to come in the next few days …


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