Best of: Topshop

Hey, it’s Topshop, it was always going to come sooner or later wasn’t it? It’s one of the UK’s most successful fast fashion retailers for a reason, guys. There’s something for everyone despite what plenty of people think (it’s not ALL edgy, in your face stuff), and there are some absolute gems at the minute. They’re right on the ball with new trends, and here I’ve picked some of my favourites. Yes, that includes a swimming pool print swimsuit.


Anything quilted, and patchwork: two of the biggest trends of AW13, you’ll see. And surprise surprise, Topshop have it covered already with these white shorts and the patchwork pattern midi skirt (because why have just one big trend when you can have two at the same time). Other favourites include the patterned floral shorts – I’m not a shorts wearer really but I’ll make an exception for these, the coral chunky semi-heels, the cobalt blue suit, and the kimono (SO pretty, and a great change from a blazer). I also really like the neon yellow at the minute, despite declaring more times than I care to remember how much I despise neons. I changed my mind, okay?

I have a particularly soft spot for the bondage-esque bra – HOW good would it look peeking out from under something very feminine? I’ve also just decided that the cut-out skirt would look amazing with the pop socks just above it, and some pointy black courts.

Now tax rebate, we’re about to have some fun…

P.S. I made all this on Polyvore then saw this absolute beauty on the new in section and was too lazy to add it in. But I need it. With strappy red heels and a matching red lip? Oh I think so too.


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