Current skincare routine.

I’ve recently decided to live by the idea that skincare is worth investing in. It’s so true, but deciding this when you have no money, like I have, isn’t such a great idea. As always however, that hasn’t stopped me, so I present you with my current skincare lineup:

skincareExcuse the retro ornaments in the background, this photo was taken in my villa on holiday and I don’t think the owner had particularly modern taste…

Anyway, here we have it – the current offerings which are being slapped onto my face on a daily basis. I don’t have good skin at all – I’ve suffered from a lot of redness on my nose and cheeks since I hit my teens, and as a result have been wearing foundation ever since. As I’ve put more time and effort into skincare though many aspects of it have improved so much – the redness is still there but it’s under control and doesn’t flare up as much, the rest of my skin tone has improved, it’s smooth, not too dry of oily anywhere, and minus the odd spot when it’s that time of the month I rarely get a breakout (I’m not smug, I still look like Rudolph).

I used to be a die-hard face wipes and cheap moisturiser girl; never again. My routine, in order:

1) Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – £14.75 here for the 100ml pump and a muslin cloth.
This stuff is SO worth the hype. Perfect for pretty much any skin type, including the most sensitive of skins (er, me), it’ll get your skin softer and cleaner than it was when you were a baby, and it’ll improve your skin’s condition no end, too. I squirt half a pump into my hand, massage it into my skin, then ‘polish’ it all off with a hot, wet muslin cloth. Splashing your skin with cold water afterwards helps a lot as well. As a bonus top tip, you can buy extra muslin cloths in the babywear section of Sainsbury’s (I don’t know about Tesco and Asda, but presumably there too); they have cute patterns on AND they’re cheaper than the Liz Earle version.

2) Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner – £25 here.
Good news: toners aren’t a useless step any more. Bad news: that means more to have to slap on your skin every night, and who can really be bothered? Plus side to this is, it’s so quick and simple, and it works so well you’ll actually want to use it. It contains AHA’s so will munch away at all the dead skin on your face without scrubbing at it (I’m totally against scrubs nowadays, keep up) – you’ll wake up with lovely smooth skin. On the bottle it says to use 2-3 times a week, but I’m using it almost every night and it’s honestly fine on my sensitive skin.

3) Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum – £46 here (I know, I can’t believe I bought it either).I nearly cried as I typed in my bank details, but Debenhams had 10% off, so it had to be done. Okay, I apply this serum to my red areas after I’ve used the Clarins toner. Is it good? Yes. Is it worth £40-odd quid? Er, no. Not for me. It’s designed to help improve the redness and sensitivity of skin, and whilst it has helped me a little, for £46 I’d like a miracle cure, and for me this just isn’t it. However having said that, don’t let me put you off trying it if you want to because it has great reviews and it sounds like it’s worked for a whole load of people – redness is one of those annoying things which doesn’t have one good cure; different things work for different people. And this is a very good serum – it really balances my skin, helps prevent redness flare ups and decreases the sensitivity. And it’s really going to last me a loooong time (I only use a tiny bit at the time, this stuff is more expensive than diamonds)…

4) Origins Make a Difference Skin Treatment – discontinued, improved version £34 here.
This stuff is really lovely, it’s a ‘rejuvenating treatment’, and I use it before moisturiser and after all my other skincare. It claims to add moisture to dry, dehydrated skin, but I reckon that’s quite an odd description, because it isn’t all that moisturising for me. It does however help heal the skin extremely quickly – any problems you’re having, it’ll sort them right out. I apply a thin layer all over and it’s helped smooth out my skin and fade any acne scars ridiculously fast. The new improved version, Make a Difference Plus+ is meant to be even better, so get on it. Fast.

5) Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser – £23, here.
Best day moisturiser I’ve ever used! This stuff smells aaaah-mazing, like orange, which is lovely and refreshing first thing in the morning. I use this after the Liz Earle in the morning and before my primer, and it keeps my skin moisturised without being greasy in the slightest. It’s true about it being energizing too – it makes me look awake, which is no easy feat first thing in the morning, believe me. It’s oil free, and is a gel-cream formulation so it sinks into your skin nice and quickly.

6) EOS Sweet Mint Organic Lip Balm – £4.99 here.
This is such a lovely lip balm – I love anything with mint in it because it’s so tingly (side note: I bought a 4head menthol headache stick the other day and have been using it even when I don’t have headaches because it tingles), and this lip balm is packed full of goodness! It’s beeswax based rather than petroleum – you don’t want to use petroleum lip balm, guys – and includes other ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and olive fruit oil. No rubbish in sight, so you don’t have to worry about putting it on your lips. Plus, it’s a seriously cool shape.

Okay, so that’s about it. That went on for much longer than I meant for it to, sorry! In my defence, WordPress won’t let me change my font size so I think it just looks like a lot. Maybe. As you might have noticed, I didn’t include a night cream in this – I haven’t found one I really like yet so I just skipped it! I’m currently using the Clarins facial tanner because it’s quite moisturising and gives me a nice colour, but I need something designed for the job, really. I’m thinking more Origins? Any recommendations welcome!


7 thoughts on “Current skincare routine.

  1. Wow! You have a lot of great products there. I will definitely try Origins one of these days, but I have to save up a bit. I guess you have to spend for high quality sometimes! :) I used the Liz Earle in the past, and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, international shipping cost is a bit expensive to the US from the UK!

    • I honestly think skincare is worth spending a bit extra on – you can save on make up, and great skincare usually means you need less of it too, it’s a win win situation! Most of the things I have here were on promotion when I bought them so I managed to get them a little cheaper, plus the two Origins pots and the lip balm were bought in the US – you guys get pretty much everything cheaper than us! Have you tried Ebay for the Liz Earle? :)

      • No, I agree. Skin care is important, but that doesn’t make spending the money any less painful ;) I’ve been using the oil cleansing method for my skincare at the moment, so I haven’t been using my Liz Earle as much. Ebay is a good idea though if I decide to go back. Also, everyone in the UK says US stuff is cheaper, but it also helps that the conversion rate is in your favor. lol :P

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