Holiday Snapshots.

Oh hi guys, I’m back! I was so prepared to leave the searing heat of Florida and come back to miserable, cold England (even kind of looking forward to it, not going to lie) but I arrived in the UK this morning at stupid-o-clock and it was already sweltering, I was not prepared in my leggings and cardigan.

I had a fab time, and shopped and ate far too much. It was a holiday of firsts, too: 1. I tried Key lime pie (and then proceeded to have 5 more portions throughout the course of the holiday); 2. I didn’t get sunburnt (a downright miracle) and 3. I had a half rack of ribs at one point, as opposed to a full rack – something I’ve always looked down my nose at people for. Half rack? Pffft. I wish I could excuse myself by declaring that I followed it up with a monster dessert, but I didn’t even do that.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots of my holiday. You’ll notice they focus primarily around food, you can see where my heart lies…

ImageImageImageImageImageImage       ImageImageImage       ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage       ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

And there we have it – a breakdown of my past fortnight. Keep an eye out for a post on the my current skincare routine, featuring some Origins goodies which may have found their way into my life at the outlets…

Now to sleep off that jetlag, laters.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Snapshots.

  1. So jealous!I really want to go back to Florida as I’ve only been once in 2000 and that was far too long ago

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