Holiday make up.

I’m off to Florida today! So I thought I’d squeeze in a quick post (I really should be packing) before I leave, and why not continue on in the same vein as my last post? So here we have some of my top tips and tricks for holiday make up.

  • holiday make upKeep it light – switch your main products for something a bit sheerer. So your best bet is to swap your usual heavy foundation for a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. So much nicer to wear in the heat.
  • Obviously, get your SPF on! I lovelovelove my Soltan once offering – it doesn’t break me out, it moisturises, lasts all day, and gives a hint of colour.
  • Try cream formulations if you normally go for powders. The new Bourjois cream blushers are meant to be lovely, but I’ve not tried them yet!
  • I can’t be bothered with bronzer, it’s just more product on the face and who can really be bothered with that on holiday? Instead I use the Clarins Liquid Bronze before bed, which builds up a lovely glow and is great for lazy people like me.
  • Before you go, tint your eyebrows. Eyelashes: optional (I don’t bother, I prefer waterproof mascara. Incidently, Maybelline Falsies in waterproof black is all you need!). It’s easier than faffing around with brow powders, pencils and waxes and lasts much longer. I like the Colorsport offering in Dark Brown – it literally takes about a minute to do and because you need so little, the box will last you forever.
  • I still need to use powder on holiday because I’m an oily mess. NARS loose powder will forever be my favourite – not too matte, lasts all day and feels so lovely and lightweight.
  • I leave my Clarins primer alone when I go away, I adore it but I prefer something glowier in the sun. Enter Chanel! The Sheer Illuminating Base is potentially the best thing I’ve ever bought – it gives your make up such a beautiful finish and makes it last twice as long.
  • Coloured eyeliners are a great way to make your face look more exciting – the Urban Decay and Rimmel waterproof offerings are both brilliant. Try on the upper or lower lashline.
  • And finally, lipstick (my favourite). An easy way to change up your luck, try either a super bright shade – they look fab in the sun – or something sheer and moisturising. Revlon lip butters are great for the latter, and in the former category I have a brand new favourite – Kate Moss Matte in 110. It’s the most gorgeous red-orange-pink shade, and perfect for summer.


Here’s the Kate Moss lipstick – it looks so red here but in real life it’s such a gorgeous, unusual colour. Sorry about the crap selfie – as previously mentioned, I really should be packing!

I’ll try and get a few posts up while I’m away, but I can’t make any promises. What I can promise though, is a whole lot of new goodies to review very soon – watch this space…



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