Holiday wardrobe.

Today I bought a new pair of shoes. Will someone please stage me a shoe intervention? I saw them on Pinterest months ago and have been lusting after them since – I think they’re an older Zara style, and today I spotted them on Justfab. I can’t wait for them to come, I am disproportionately excited and plan on wearing them with everything I own.


Anyway onto the real content of the post: I go on holiday on Friday, yay! I’m off to Florida for a fortnight, I’ve been a few times and the past 3 visits or so have been dedicated to serious theme park-ing, so this time we’re toning it down with a week chilling on the West coast, and then a week in Orlando.

But that brings me to the dilemma of holiday packing. Hands up who hates it! Trying to cram 2 weeks worth of clothes and make up into a small suitcase (and more importantly, trying to keep it below 22kg – make up is HEAVY) is not fun and I seriously struggle. It’s usually a case of ‘will I need a jacket? Well yeah, it might be cold one day, What about this dress which I love but which won’t zip up? Well I’ll be walking lots, it might fit me towards the end if I lose weight’ (incidently, if you lose weight on a trip to America, you’re doing America wrong guys.)

So, I thought I’d do a little semi-capsule holiday wardrobe post. I don’t really like real capsule wardrobes – they’re a nice idea but they don’t offer you enough choice or wriggle room for your moods. Sometimes I’m in the mood to be really lazy and comfy with my clothes, sometimes I want to fashion it up a bit. So now I like to try and pack things which I know I’ll definitely wear and which go with quite a few of the other things I’ve packed, rather than just throwing in this-that-everything and not giving it another thought. A bit of forward planning really helps!

holidayOkay, so here we have a nice little semi-capsule wardrobe. Most things go with the other things, and there’s enough to keep it casual or dress it up for nighttime.

For day, I like to stick to loose, cotton* dresses and skirts. Shorts make my thighs rub and SO don’t suit me, but I’m clearly in the minority there. I try and pack comfortable dresses which aren’t too tight – tightness is bad for two reasons, A) holidays make you fat and B) it makes you hotter. Not in a good way. I pack lots of basic tops too – strappy loose fitting ones which I can easily tuck into skirts, and a couple of graphic tees because I will invariably get sunburn on my shoulders on the first day and need to cover them up. I like to pack a beach coverup which can also be used as a day dress – take the pretty little orange and white Topshop example here. I keep accessories minimal because who can REALLY be bothered on holiday, so a couple of bright statement necklaces, a skinny belt and some sunglasses is plenty for me. I take a beach bag big enough for a towel, kindle, suncream, etc, and a smaller cross-body bag with a secure fastening which is useful for everyday shopping, wandering around and also the parks, if you end up in Florida like me. Shoes-wise, I always, always only take two pairs. A failsafe comfy pair of sandals which I know I can wear all day, and a dressier pair of wedges. Add a bikini, and you’re all set.

*P.S. I always go for cotton (or viscose) if I can, for holiday clothes. That’s the biggest tip I can give you! Polyester is like wearing a plastic bag – the sweat can’t escape and you end up so hot. Silk’s amaaazing in the heat but unfortunately sweat damages it, so that’s out too.

Where are you guys off to this year, and what are your holiday wardrobe tips?


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