Best of: Zara

Now that I’ve handed in my notice from New Look (ready to start placement) and finished crying over the fact I no longer get staff discount there, I’ve started actually browsing other stores properly for the first time in months. So this brings me to a new style of post – ‘Best of’. I’m going to pick a retailer and spend hours dribbling over their website, picking my favourite bits out from their current ranges. First up we have Zara, because we all know just how damn good they are this season.


Look at it all, isn’t it beautiful? They’ve mastered prints this season – I’m usually not that big on patterns but for some reason this summer I’m all over them like a dog with a bone. 

My absolute favourites here are the chunky green sandals which I absolutely NEED, the huge embellished necklace, the floaty floral dress and the colour block skirt. Special mention to the blue and white dress too – perfect for summer and the white stripes would undoubtedly be slimming (just what I need after my diet of takeaways and, er, not much else lately). There’s also a cracking selection of printed blouses for prices which are actually really reasonable. I want them all, please.

Everything here’s available on the UK site at the minute but move quick because we all know what Zara’s like – no ‘oh I’ll think about it and come back later’ because it’ll be gone. Dammit Ortega and your hard-to-resist retail strategies.



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