Sorry I haven’t been on in a little while, life’s been pretty busy and stressful the past week or so. That doesn’t excuse me for the preceding week, during which I don’t think I posted either. That’s just pure laziness…

Anyway, here’s a little bit of an Instagram post; everyone loves Instagram right? I’ll get back on it this week – I’ve bought some sneaky little goodies from Boots the past few days and obviously you need to be told about them all.


Hangover wraps. Recipe courtesy of The Londoner. Unfortunately for my diet, these are no longer reserves purely for hangovers, and have instead turned into a staple part of my diet …

A slightly healther dinner for when I’m not eating wraps stuffed with bacon, cheese, egg, beans etc. Turkey breast chunks, roasted Mediterranean veg, Nando’s peri peri chip sprinkle (I add this stuff to everything) and mozzarella. 3

Daffodils just £1 at Sainsbury’s? Why the hell not. Note the lack of a vase, student living eh?4

New haircut which isn’t actually so new any more. And really needs touching up.

My new, extremely geeky ink.6

Super sophisticated little badboys, £19.99 at New Look.7

Steak sandwich which rendered the boyfriend speechless, thanks Yum Dim Sum!8

27th anniversary present for my parents, from The Drifting Bear. Like their Facebook page for 10% off, they make absolutely brilliant gifts.9

Blossom, finally!10

More new shoes. They were Primark and make my legs look long, it’s allowed.11

Mojitos and pizza after work. My mojito was more mint than liquid, it was like trying to drink a tree. Damn tasty though.12

Say hello to my Ultimate Chocolate Cake. This one was particularly fudgy.13

A phone case I whipped up to protect my most treasured possession! 14

Cheeky haul before I left New Look and therefore had to hand in my staff discount card :(15

Attempting to pack to move out. It didn’t go well.16

My new baby! My first car which I got a couple of days ago, meet Coco the Clio. Isn’t she a beauty?17

And finally, cuddles with Rosie.


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