The Shampoo Rotation.

I’ve got a seriously glamorous post for you today: the shampoo I use. I know, it’s not very exciting, but it’s a product we all (well, most of us) use and so why should it not have its very own little post? I’ll never be the sort of person who spends £5989567589 on Kérastase or Bumble and Bumble shampoo (you wash the stuff straight out, how different can the expensive brands be REALLY?), but at the same time I’ve recently progressed from just buying whichever’s on offer and looks like it could be vaguely suitable for my frizzy mop. Now I have about 5 shampoos which I use on rotation, depending on what my hair needs on the day in question – and what happened to it the night before – and this is about as high maintenance it’s going to get.


1) Lush solid shampoo in Godiva – £6.25. I LOVE these. They’re not the cheapest but they last forever (or, 3 times as long as a regular bottle according to Lush. Feels like forever), and if you resent paying 6 quid for shampoo just head to the aforementioned Bumble and Bumble website for a quick browse, you’ll feel much better then. Anyway, this is fab – it makes my whole bathroom smell amazing and it really, really works. It claims it’s 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner but I need a conditioner anyway because I have dry hair. To use it, I just lather up my hands like I would a bar of soap, then rub it on my head in one big circle. Then I rub it all in and it lathers up beautifully – when you wash it out your hair literally squeaks, it’s that clean. It just makes my hair lovely and clean, soft and bouncy and I love it.

2) Dove Daily Care shampoo – £2.49. When I need something a bit more moisturising – when my hair feels like it’s been a bit battered by straightening and drying products this is what I go for. It’s supposedly good for daily care, but I find it a bit too rich to use every day on my hair so I save it for when my hair’s reeeeally thirsty. It’s a lovely thick shampoo with a rich lather and feels nice and creamy when you massage it in. And it’s Dove, so it obviously smells nice.

3) Touch of Silver Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo – £3.09. One thing I will say: this stuff is totally mis-labelled. It’s fine to use daily, and it’s also great for all blonde hair rather than just platinum or grey. I used to use it daily when my hair was a bit blonder and it’s fine – it doesn’t damage your hair or turn it purple at all, and I still use it now it’s darker because it helps keep it ashy and stops it looking yellow, which my hair is (annoyingly) prone to. That’s mainly what this shampoo is for – it neutralises yellow tones in blonde hair to prevent brassiness, and it definitely works! It’s a nice shampoo too; not drying or overly moisturising, so I tend to use it every other wash. There’s no point spending a fortune on purple shampoo because this does the job really, really well!

4) Head and Shoulders 2-in-1 Classic Care shampoo – £4.99 (for the big bottle). I don’t advocate Head and Shoulders, really I don’t. It’s harsh, will strip all your colour and your dandruff will be worse when you come off the stuff than it ever was before you started. However, the boyfriend likes to use it so it’s in our shower, and as a result, a blob sometimes ends up in the palm of my hand (shh, don’t tell him). I use this after a heavy night out. My nights out consist of the vast majority of a can of Batiste XXL, and nothing makes your hair feel more disgustingly thick with product than that stuff: for some reason, vodka makes me think I always need to apply more so I end up looking a bit like the unheard of 5th member of Mötley Crüe and my hair is crying the next morning. Head and Shoulders is the only thing which gets it all out and restores my poor barnet to normal.

5) John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo – £5.89. This one isn’t pictured because I’ve run out and I’m too stingy to buy more yet, but this is number 5. It’s good for the summer or when I’m just fancying slightly lighter hair, because it makes a noticeable difference if you use it regularly. I like to use it as a one off sometimes too, because one use makes your hair look like it’s been freshly highlighted – always good! It smells a bit chemically but fortunately it doesn’t transfer onto your hair, it just leaves your hair smelling nice and expensive.

Okay, that’s the long and short of it (heh heh). I usually stick to alternating the Lush and the Touch of Silver, and the others make an appearance when I need them. My hair’s been considerably better since adopting this method – my usual ‘hey look, Alberto Balsam’s on 4 for £1 again’ was leaving my hair looking a little bit crap to be frank. Plus, this gives me an excuse to buy more products. Not that I need an excuse …


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