Top 10 heels for Summer.

I’m so over platforms. So over them. I’ve never been a shoe kind of girl (I know), but this Summer’s offerings have definitely changed that for me – I’ve found myself lusting after tiny little, barely there soles and ankle straps. You can feel every tiny little pebble and ant through the soles, and the ankle straps are well known for making your legs look shorter – not that I care – but they’re so worth it. Here are my top 10 picks for the moment:

shoes1) Missguided contrast black and red heels – £29.99
2) Topshop blue court shoes – £58
3) Daisy Street colour block black, nude and orange sandals – £24.99
4) Miss Selfridge red and gold court shoes – £39
5) Zara block heeled green shoes – £39.99
6) Zara black leather sandals – £39.99
7) H&M elastic ankle strap heels – £29.99
8) Chockers neutral, black and lilac sandals – £25
9) ASOS white snakeskin strappy sandals – £42
10) River Island ‘barely there’ coral sandals – £45

I want all of these. All of them. I’m really struggling to narrow it down, at all. If I HAD to choose, I think I’d go for the black Zara strappy ones because they’re just so classic and delicate; the blue Topshop ones because they’re a welcome change to the usual black; the green Zara ones because they look comfortable as hell; the black and red Missguided ones because I love them and the colour block Daisy Street ones because I don’t have any orange in my wardrobe, yet these make me feel like I’m majorly missing out.

On a slight side note, I bought these beauties today and I haven’t wanted to take them off! £19.99 from New Look if you’re interested (you should be), and they come in nude and red too.



4 thoughts on “Top 10 heels for Summer.

    • They’re so much easier to walk in than platforms – I don’t spend the night wobbling around like Bambi’s first steps, and I love it! I was a bit apprehensive when I first gave them a go but 5 minutes of practice and I adore them now, the sort of love only a girl and her shoes can share <3

    • I bought more today, oops! Red strappy ones from Primark, I’m so in love. I now understand the whole obsession most women have with shoes, Chris is despairing already …

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