How to style Boyfriend Jeans.

Boyfriend jeans. They’re back. But don’t hold up your crucifix yet, they’ve thankfully been given a bit of an update. No longer will you need to walk around looking like this, because they’re so much more modern – and flattering – now. Not that that was hard for designers to do I’m sure, they couldn’t have gotten much worse. I remember my first pair of boyfriend jeans – they were Primark and definitely a size too big – I’d wear them low slung with trainers, a tight t shirt and a big chunky belt (it pains me to admit this).

Anyway, like I said, they’ve been given an update, and as a result of this you can’t wear the same things you used to with them. They’re now a slimmer fit so you can actually see your figure through them rather than being a baggy mess, and they’re high rise enough to prevent any unfortunate builder’s bum from occurring. Potentially most importantly, they’re just that little bit too short – no more dragging on the ground and getting all frayed – so there’s a cheeky little flash of ankle. I know, steady on there …

Right, these are extremely casual, so whether you’re wearing them for day or night you’ll want to dress them up a bit to avoid channeling a scruff vibe.  Unless that’s what you want to go for, of course. The pair I’ve picked out are great for day or night – they’re only £15 from New Look and have a nice amount of distressed detailing, whilst still being slim fit to prevent them from being overly casual (well, ish). For daytime, I suggest pairing these with a relaxed fit top – a great loose fit tee, one of Topshop’s camisoles, that sort of thing. Alternatively try a patterned blouse – I love really unusual prints or watercolour florals at the minute – and tuck it in, with a skinny belt around the waistband of the jeans. Shoes-wise, I’d go for something a little more dressy even for day – so not Converse (as much as I love them with most things). A pretty, unusual pair of pumps (helloooo Charlotte Olympia kitty flats, yes I still love you) or even a pair or heels if you think you can get away with it – stay away from platforms and go for something really simple. As it’s still freezing cold half the time go for a patterned blazer, or an oversized comfy cardigan over the top of whatever else you’re wearing – nobody wants hypothermia now do we? Accessories-wise, go for a beanie if you’re that way inclined (er, I’m not), a bold patterned skinny belt, and some form of chunky jewellery. I am also a little bit in love with this lilac Cambridge Satchel. Slick on some ridiculously bright lipstick and you’re good to go.

For nighttime, you’re going to want to dress it up even more. If you have cracking abs, go for a tight little crop top but know that I will hate you a little bit and be very jealous. I had to feature the Topshop cami again because I just love them, but go for one in a brighter colour for evening. Over the top try a black blazer – it’s a little dressier than a patterned one – or some form of pretty embellished kimono if you can find one for a reasonable price. Keep it relatively loose fitting and oversized, whatever jacket you go for. When it comes to shooooes, you want heels obviously. I’m so over platforms so I love a sleek looking sandal with an ankle strap – they look fab with the casual jeans. I also like typical stiletto court shoes with a nice pointy toe. But if you still love a comfy, solid sole try something in a bright colour with a peeptoe (I just feel peeptoes make it better). For accessories, stick to simple metallic jewellery – I LOVE gold plate necklaces but can’t find one anywhere – bag-wise, go for a massive clutch bag, as always.

boyfriend jeans1

You still want to dress the jeans up slightly for day, so go for pretty flats or simple and sleek heels. Loose fit tops are always best (make sure they still show off your figure or you’ll look drowned in fabric) along with oversized jackets or chunky cardigans. Stick to chunky accessories too generally.

boyfriend jeans2

Dress it up, up, up. Sleek, ladylike high heels, figure-flattering tops and dressy jackets – be it a simple black blazer or an embellished number. Simple metallic jewellery and the usual oversized clutch finish it off nicely.

And finally to finish it off, here are a few of my favourite looks at the minute, from the ever-inspiring (and bank balance battering)




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