Make up I need but can’t afford: Round 2.

Remember last time I did a post like this? And I ended up buying it all, despite the very clear title? I’m really hoping I’ll exercise a little more self control this time, but lets be honest – it’s not very likely.

However, I have good news – I finally have a placement! It’s working for Boots Head Office – I KNOW, could it be more perfect for me? – and is paid, so I might just buy all this stuff anyway. I’ll have money soon.

beauty products

Anyway, this is quite a summery little wish list. My aim for this summer is to try and get my red skin under control once and for all so I can wear lovely light tinted moisturisers instead of having to slap on 2 foundations. I want to change up my make up routine for the upcoming (unlikely, but we can wish) warmer weather, with a focus on glowiness rather than my usual ‘MUST CONTROL ALL OIL’ mindset, and most of these tie in with that. With the exception of a couple of lovely colourful purchases – everyone needs some more colour in summer.

1) Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner – £25. My skin’s such a pain, my forehead skin is completely different to my chin skin, which is completely different to my cheek skin, and don’t get me started on my nose skin. This toner claims it ‘brightens, smooths and softens skin’, and I have high hopes that it will even out my skin overall (IF I get it).

2) Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 – £7.99. I’ve never actually tried a cream blusher – I use powder foundation and loose powder so I can’t picture how a cream product would go nicely over those. However if I achieve my aim to just end up with a tinted moisturiser, I think this newbie from Bourjois would work just nicely. 01 is a nice peachy colour, a bit different to anything I’ve tried before.

3) Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Guava – £3.99. Again, I’ve never tried any of the Gelly offerings from Barry M – since I stopped getting my nail extensions my talons have been SERIOUSLY neglected (they’re so jagged I managed to scratch a pesky itch and draw blood yesterday – cue lashings of Sudocrem). This one is enough to single handedly convert me though, it’s a beauty! It makes me think of the Caribbean. And that’s enough to persuade me to buy it.

4) MAC Lip Paint in Morange – £14. I’ve wanted this for SO long. But I kept telling myself it was too much of a summery colour to buy it, that it would be too orange for me, that it was expensive, etc etc. However: it’s summer; I recently bought an orange toned lipstick and it looks fab; and £14 is really nothing for a good lipstick, is it?

5) Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Graffiti – £14. It’s green. Green! It’s the colour of the year and I can just see it looking fab with blue eyes. My school uniform was green (yep) so I thought I’d never like it again, but I actually really want this eyeliner. A little subtle line across the top lashes, and a floral summer dress – pretty or whaaaat?

6) Laura Mercier Radiance Primer – £28. Laura Mercier, the creator of the original primer. Need to try one really, don’t I? The radiance offering  supposedly has a ‘universal pearl tint’ which diffuses imperfections nicely to create a soft-focus finish. It’s not cheap, but you can buy a smaller one from Selfridges, for £18.50 so I might give that a go. Guess I’ll look into the iconic LM tinted moisturisers next …

7) Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum – £44. I’ve just realised I’ve posted the wrong photo – this is the lotion, and I want the serum (more hardcore, innit). But the bottles are identical so who cares, really? I went onto the Origins site earlier and ended up on the live chat to a very helpful adviser, who recommended this – along with about £200 worth of other products. But this appealed to me the most, despite the fact that it’s from the Mega-Mushroom range (mushrooms are the devil’s food, you see). This range is designed to be good for redness and sensitivity, and it seems to have a whole load of natural and complicated ingredients which you can read about here, so I just trust it for some reason. The serum has great reviews though and seems to be a bit more effective than the other products in the range – it’s expensive, but Origins fortunately have a satisfaction guarantee so at least if my skin isn’t saved, my bank account will be.

8) Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning – £18. This was recommended to me by Jo from Joannaloves, who loves this stuff as much as I hopefully will do. You apply a little bit to your face before bed – though it’s apparently fast drying enough to use before make up too – and when you wake up in the morning you just look lovely and glowy rather than obviously tanned. I’m super pale, but my skin always looks better when it has a bit of colour to it so I’m hoping this stuff fits in with my aim for faaabulous skin.

9) The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body Scrub – £12.50. I love scrubs which actually have an adequate amount of scrubbiness, and the Body Shop’s offerings definitely fit in this category – you’re left feeling like you’ve been exfoliated by a porcupine (in a good way). It smells amazing too, so fresh, and the oils in it help moisturise your dry, sun-starved skin. I had a good sniff of it last time I was in-store, and stupidly left without it. I won’t make that same mistake next time.

What are you lusting after at the minute?


6 thoughts on “Make up I need but can’t afford: Round 2.

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