New haircut? Bit drastic for me …

Okay, so I’ve had the same haircut for approximately 8 years. In between shoulder and boob length, long layers, a side parting and a side fringe. I’ve been wild and switched it up a couple of times – growing my fringe a bit or even making it shorter; moving my parting further over; in the past couple of years or so I’ve even dared use hair dye to make it a nicer shade of blonde than my usual mouse. I’ve switched between relentless GHDing and letting it dry naturally, which results in a rather large mass of frizzy waves. The condition of it was absolutely awful – my roots put Pixie Geldof’s to shame and the ends resembled tumbleweed when not straightened.

Today, I got it cut.

And not just a trim either – I got about 6 inches off it. And highlights, for the first time since I was about 14! I’ve had a thick side fringe cut in and I love it and am terrified by it in equal measures.

Snapshot_20130417_1Sorry for the awkwardness of this picture, I’m not photogenic. Yes, it is also taken in my kitchen, I don’t have any nice backdrops anywhere in my flat.

Anyway, my new daring haircut obviously required new haircare products, did it not? Let me show you what I invested in (haircare is an investment).



1 – Batiste XXL Volume Dry Shampoo – this stuff is faaaaab. I’ve repurchased it approximately 5,867,293 times because it’s the best thing I’ve found to give my hair lots of volume. It does make your hair feel extremely full of product, so if you don’t like that best to stay away.

2 – Provoke Touch of Silver Shampoo – this is the one you’re meant to use twice a week, but I prefer to use it daily. Naughty me. Brilliant for toning down any yellow/brassiness in your hair, and making it look lovely and ashy.

3 – L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Mask – I’ve not tried this yet, but I have relatively high hopes for it. It claims to strengthen hair which is prone to damage and weakness; it might as well have just written my name on the tub. 1/3 off in Sainsbury’s!

4 – John Freida Full Repair Heat Activated Styling Spray – I’ve not used this yet either, but according to the box it will protect my hair from heat styling, add body and make it easier to style. And it contains some sort of oil – suits me.

5 – TreSemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner – the final one I bought today and therefore haven’t tried yet. I don’t usually like TreSemme, but I was incredibly impressed with the range they created for split ends. This looks new too, so I thought I’d give it a go – it promises to reduce frizz and smooth and strengthen the hair. It’s also half price in Sainsbury’s at the minute.

6 – TreSemme Texture Style Divine Definition Spray – I bought this a couple of weeks ago and wasn’t overly impressed, though I still used it. Then I tried it today on my new shorter hair and I love it! It’s similar to a dry shampoo but much lighter, it gives your hair lots of texture and a bit more grip. I like to spray it in, then massage it a bit, then shake my head like a wet dog, it seems to make my hair look just the right amount of messy.

I’ll report back on the products I haven’t tried yet, I have very high hopes for the John Frieda! Anything that promises to give me a bit of body (oo-er) and then delivers is a winner in my book.



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