Spring trends I’m going to try.

It’s less than a fortnight until student loans come in, and as a result I’ve found myself longingly browsing online. So many things I want, so little money to do it with.

spring trendsHere’s a little breakdown of some of the things I want to try. I’ve found myself stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to clothes, and every so often I want to give something new a go. Daring, eh? P.S. I’m sorry I didn’t number the images, I’m aware that would have made our lives an awful lot easier.

1) Topshop cami, £20. There are loads of these camis in at the minute – cropped ones, full length ones, silk ones, jersey ones, etc etc. They have them in approximately 48915516 different colours too, and they look so versatile – in loooove.

2) New Look denim skater skirt, £15. I had a skirt like this when I was about 13, but it doesn’t fit me any more, believe it or not. I’ve seen loads of them around lately, and although I am a die-hard skater silhouette fan, the denim makes it a little bit different.

3) JELLY SHOES. Topshop, £34. Need I even say more, really? They’re waterproof, sparkly, see through and have a seriously cute little block heel.

4) Boohoo monochrome maxi skirt, £16. Monochrome’s massive at the minute, even more so than usual. I like the wide stripes on this one, it makes it a bit bolder, and the bodycon style is more daring than the wide, floaty ones.

5) New Look perspex clutch, £13. I’ve seen this in work and I looooove it. The only thing that puts me off is the fact that you can see through it so people could see my phone and my money, but at the same time the see-through aspect of it is what appeals to me. So I’m conflicted. Can I have a clutch within a clutch?

6) New Look ox head earrings, £3. I’ve just realised there’s an awful lot of New Look in this list, sorry guys. I can’t help it, I see an awful lot of it on a daily basis so it all pops into my head when I make lists like this! Anyway, these earrings are bang on trend right now, and all the jewellery’s buy one get one free so they’re a ridiculous bargain too.

7) Warehouse sunglasses, £16. I’ve always thought sunglasses don’t suit me, which is why in the past I’ve worn ridiculous white framed, heart shaped ones. Might as well go all out if I’m going to look stupid right? However, the other day I tried on some wayfarers and I’m not going to lie, they didn’t look half bad.

8) River Island midi dress, £22. This is a scarily bright colour and I might feel a little like a Barbie Doll in it, but I’m drawn to it regardless. My aim for the summer is to lose my spare tyre so I feel comfortable in midi dresses – maybe I should buy this as motivation?

9) Desire Clothing pinafore dress, £16. I really want a pinafore dress but I’m a little bit unsure on what to wear one with. Maybe a crop top, with a little bit of a skin flash at the back? Anyway, I love the colour of this one – I feel it should be worn with matching cobalt nails.

10) Topshop lace trousers, £56. Okay, so every pair of trousers I’ve tried on in the past couple of years or so has looked awful on me, but I think maybe that’s just a combination of unflattering shop lighting and mirrors, and not wearing the right top and shoes. I hope that’s what it is anyway, because I really want some tapered, patterened trousers.

11) New Look lace crop top, £13. I actually bought this yesterday. I’m not even kidding. I’m a (large) size 10 whose weight goes straight to her stomach and avoids everywhere else – crop tops are really not designed for me. However, I’m on a diet so my aim is to wear this with high waisted skirts in the summer, and not be scared!

12) New Look gradient vest, £8. This isn’t exactly a particularly edgy trend, but it’s something a bit different for me. I tend to tuck anything and everything into whatever I’m wearing on the bottom half, but because that’d hide the ombre effect it might encourage me to try something else.

13) River Island high waisted shorts, £25. Hi, I’m Kate, and I’m the only person in the world not to have worn high waisted shorts before. I’m just really not a shorts kind of girl – I much prefer skirts. I don’t have the thighs for shorts unfortunately! However, I really really love these and might have to invest if River Island ever do temporary student discount again (it’s just the principle, okay?).

14) New Look necklace, £6. I’m not a big jewellery person. I prefer clothes to accessories, but I’m trying to switch that around a bit because it’s a lot cheaper to prefer jewellery! I’ve had my eye on this necklace for a little while – it’s a good statement piece and I can just imagine it being perfect with a vest and denim shorts if we ever get some hot weather.



2 thoughts on “Spring trends I’m going to try.

  1. I love those lace trousers! Not sure I’m a fan of the jelly shoes though, mainly because they just seemed so uncomfortable, back in the day?

    I think what I’m going to take away from this post is that I want to get some camis that are not skintight or for layering in winter! I want a silky oneee.

    • I walked past my local Topshop today and saw them in the window too, they look really pretty in real life! I can’t remember jelly shoes being uncomfortable, I can just remember having a pink sparkly pair with a heel and I loved them so much – that must have overridden all my bad memories about them, haha.
      I think the Topshop ones are silky, they look quite nice! I’m too much of a porker to wear skintight ones, so floaty ones are so much better for me :)

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