Resolutions update.

So we’re almost a quarter of the way through the year. Does that sounds as terrifying to everyone else as it does to me? I feel like I have achieved, well, nothing. So in order to confirm this fact, I decided I’d do a nice little update on my ‘resolutions’ (aims, objectives, whatever you want to call them) and we can all see just how far I have absolutely not come.

1) Complete the C25K running program.

Okay, not off to a completely horrendous start. No I’ve not completed it. But I’m nearly there, I’m on week 7 so only 2 more to go! I can run (er, depending on your definition of ‘running’) for a whole 25 minutes without a break.

2) Visit a new country.

I went to Northern Ireland – I’ve never been there before! It was a lovely drunk experience with 30-odd of my internet friends (I’m not kidding), and I even managed to squeeze in some culture in the form of a hungover bus tour. This summer I think I’m off to Florida, where I’ve been 6 times already, so I’m sort of failing on this point. If you can call going to Florida a fail?

3) Go on more nights out.

Nope, another fail. I’m skint and lazy.

4) Create more baking recipes.

Okay I’ve done one? Which IS technically more, so I can check this off the list. It still has some fine tuning to go, but to whet your appetite a bit they’re shortbread cookies filled with salted caramel – oh yes – and topped with chocolate.

5) Take more photos.

I still do have a lot of photos of my dogs, but at the same time I’ve been taking more photos of other things too. My Instagram is certainly more active than it has been in the past, and that’s obviously all that counts in these days of modern technology isn’t it?

6) Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant.

Absolutely not. And if you could see the state of my bank account, you’d understand why.

7) Learn more French.


8) Use my sewing machine more.

No not yet, BUT I do have big plans for it. I’m going to make myself a polka dot midi skirt very soon, anyone want a tutorial?

9) Develop a healthier relationship with money.

… I don’t want to talk about it.

10) Cook more healthy and exciting meals.

Yes, I do this! I’VE ACHIEVED SOMETHING. Admittedly it’s not every night – I’m a big fan of Birds Eye’s Harry Ramsdens Cod Fillets – but I have been good. I now make an unbelievably good roast chicken, I like to tear into it like an animal, with some warm French bread, sliced mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, buttery new potatoes and salad on the side. And now I know I’m off to Florida I have a fresh lot of motivation to be good on the healthy meal front, so I expect this area to improve even more.

11) Make more of an effort with my appearance.

I do this one too! Oh good, my life is looking up all of a sudden. I wear lipstick practically EVERY day, and I’m even getting a hair cut soon. A proper haircut, with more than an inch off and highlights!

12) Snack less.

I think I’ve actually gotten even worse on the snacking front. I’ve been calorie counting, but I intentionally make my meals smaller (today I’ve had cereal and two lots of Boots sushi) so I can afford to snack MORE. It’s getting ridiculous, frankly.

13) Continue with this little blog.

Yeah I’m not sick of you yet, sorry.



2 thoughts on “Resolutions update.

  1. that bus tour was a very special time. even if i did nearly vom every 3 seconds.
    couldn’t even manage my kitkat.

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