I want flowers on everything, okay?

I’ve been spending far too much time on Pinterest the past few days, and as a result I’m utterly desperate for Spring. How is it fair that there are so many images of sunshine and flowers and little skirts in one place?

flowers2 flowers6flowers1flowers5

Anyway, all it has made me do is decide that flowers are my new favourite thing in the world. I’m going to go to Sainsbury’s and buy a big bunch of tulips for my living room, and it’ll feel like Spring’s coming. At least, it will in my flat. In terms of the photos above, HOW cute are the little painted on daisies? Come on beauty magazines, please cover this and make it socially acceptable so I don’t get funny looks for painting peonies on my cheeks and venturing outside. And the skirt is so pretty – watercolour florals are going to be everywhere this SS, I hope.


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