Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh.

I’m stressed. Extremely stressed. Today I’ve broken up for the Easter holidays, but rather than spend the whole time eating chocolate like I would ideally, I’ve vowed to find myself a placement. I’m doing a sandwich degree, meaning during my 3rd year I get a work placement instead of going to lectures and shiz. I fully intend on getting something in buying, but after a whole heap of ignoring/rejections from the big schemes, I’m feeling a little demotivated.

So, productive as ever, I’m blogging again (after a short break, gotta put uni work first apparently …).


This beauty is Daisy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs. It’s a perfect summer scent – entirely appropriate for the current weather, non? It’s one of my favourites, and is surprisingly cheap for how much you get. The bottle’s so pretty too, typical Marc Jacobs with the big flower topped lid.

Debenhams says: ‘Daisy eau so fresh is a bright, floral, fruity fragrance. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy. Playful with a whimiscal spirit, this version of the original daisy scent radiates with crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose, and deep and warm plum. Sophisticated but not too serious, daisy eau so fresh captures the vintage flavor of marc jacobs feminine, edgy designs.’ (Note: I disapprove strongly of the poor use of capital letters by Debenhams there.)

I prefer this to the original Daisy, which I know has an extremely loyal fanbase. It’s lighter, and slightly floral but with a dose of sweetness too. It apparently has heart notes of wild rose, apple blossom and violet, top notes of raspberry, grapefruit and pear and base notes of plum, cedarwood and musk. It lasts pretty much all day on me, with 2 spritzes on my neck and one on my wrists – every so often I get a nice whiff of it.

It’s available in plenty of different sizes – the 125ml bottle I have (that’s a whoooole lot of perfume) is £64 in Boots, £62 at Debenhams and £61 at The Perfume Shop. You can get a 75ml bottle too, along with a 20ml refillable purse spray and the usual gift sets, body lotions etc.

One more thing – there’s a new version of this available now! I’ve not tried it yet, but though I better add it to my review – I’m nothing if not thorough.  It’s called Daisy Eau so Fresh Sunshine Edition. Apparently it’s bolder and fruitier which sounds right up my street; is it overkill to own them both do you think?



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