Is it time for spring dresses yet?

It’s March. Isn’t it illegal for snow, or something like that? I am so over having to pile on a vest top, regular dress, thick tights, socks, boots, a cardigan, jacket, scarf and gloves every time I want to step outside – isn’t it just so much easier when it’s warm, and the sun’s shining? You can step outside in a pretty floaty dress and sandals, no faffing around trying to find a pair of tights without a ladder, or remembering where you last took your gloves off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting it to be hot enough to go out without a cardigan on for a long time yet (we might get a week of sunshine in August if we’re lucky?), but a girl can dream.

spring dresses

I want all of these. Every single one. Anyone want to offer me a payrise? Putting this together got me so in the mood for sunshine, and I want to wear them all – now. I’ve picked my favourites from three high street stores (and added some shoes and bags for good luck). Down the left column we have good ol’ Topshop, down the middle is New Look – what can I say, I’m a loyal employee? – and down the right is budget friendly H&M. My favourites in the selection are the strappy Aztec midi, the floral V-neck lantern dress and the pink off the shoulder dress. Honorable mention has to go to the blue jersey t-shirt dress. I have one in grey and wear it far, far too much.

So tell me your favourites. Or even better, send me links to show me what you’re lusting after. I can always add to my wishlist, can I not?


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