I’m here to save your bank account – Part 2.

Right, following on from the other day’s post, as promised, here’s a nice little guide on what you should save and splurge on when it comes to make up, and what really doesn’t matter. This is by no means gospel – if you have a damn good expensive mascara and you refuse to buy a cheap one that’s cool, even though I like to tell people what to do you should use what works best for you because it’s a lot of hassle finding the perfect products. Here we go:

Things to save on:

  • Mascara – regardless of how much you spend on it, it’ll be used up fast. And with the beauties like Max Factor False Lash Effect and Maybelline The Falsies, you really don’t need to spend a fortune.
  • Eyeliner – to be quite honest, the formulas of high end ones are no different. Maybelline do a great gel eyeliner, and no pencil will ever, ever compare to Rimmel’s Soft Kohl Kajal. I’ve also been using a great felt tip liner from ELF lately, and it’s waterproof too!
  • Nail polish – er, Barry M. Need I say more? £2.99 each and some of the best formulas I’ve ever come across. Essie are also fab but a bit more of a stretch, and Maybelline and Bourjois are also some of the best I’ve tried. There’s no point spending nearly £20 on Chanel Le Vernis when there’ll be a dupe out there in about 5 minutes.
  • Concealer – hands down the best concealer I’ve tried (and bloggers’ ultimate favourite), Collection Lasting Perfection. It’s what, 4 quid? It lasts all day, doesn’t cake and even comes in a shade pale enough for me.

Things to stretch your overdraft as far as it’ll go on:

  • Foundation – I’m sorry! I know there are some great budget exceptions (Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect, Revlon Colourstay, Rimmel Wake Me Up) but generally if you want a gorgeous flawless finish you’re better off digging deep into your pocket. Or y’know, hoping your card doesn’t get rejected at the checkout.
  • Eyeshadow – I was never a big eyeshadow person. Until I invested in the first Naked palette a couple of years ago (I pre-ordered the second before it was released, obviously). The difference in luxury eyeshadow is ridiculous, I’ve tried a few cheaper ones since and they just don’t even begin to compare.
  • Primer – I know 17 Photo Flawless gets relatively good reviews, but compared to Le Blanc de Chanel or Clarins Instant Smooth it’s rubbish. You need a high quality one – it’s the base to all of your make up after all – so invest. Same goes for eyeshadow primers – hello, Urban Decay Primer Potion?
  • Powder – my recent NARS purchase is proof of this. See above re: false economies.

And things you can go either way on:

  • Lipstick – There are some amazing high end lipsticks, and also some amazing budget ones. Just look at Rimmel’s latest offerings: the Kate Moss collections and now Apocalips which I couldn’t love more. However, my £25 YSL Rouge Volupté is still my ultimate favourite, and need I mention MAC?
  • Blusher – on the cheap side, we have Bourjois and Sleek. On the expensive side, NARS, obviously. Generally expensive ones will last you longer but any baked blusher will take about a decade to run out. Not even exaggerating.
  • Highlighter – not strictly an essential, you could easily get a decent, cheap highlighter. I use ELF’s Gotta Glow – supposedly a dupe for NARS Albatross. But Benefit High Beam is the ultimate, really.
  • Eyebrow kits – some people swear by Benefit Brow Zings or Urban Decay Brow Box, but I’ve been using the ELF version for a while now, and I honestly couldn’t ask for more in an eyebrow kit, budget or not. Except maybe better brushes. I may have ‘accidently’ dropped the cheapo brush down the plughole so I could buy better ones.

4 thoughts on “I’m here to save your bank account – Part 2.

  1. Great post. I beg to differ with regards to the highlighter though. I have Illamasqua gleam and its gorgeous and a sheer shimmer without being too sparkly. (I do like High Beam though)

  2. I agree with all of this except highlighter as well (and maybe foundation, high end ones are ridiculous- brands like Revlon and Max Factor have great ones that have that “high-end” feel), I have an AMAZING dupe for high beam which is high lights by technic (It’s basically the same and so cheap! I got mine for around £3 on amazon- check it out if you like a bargain). Also the new MUA highlighting powder is great!! I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to spend a fortune for quality- my favourite mascara is £1.99 :D xx


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