London baby.

So I’m on my way to London, on an extremely impromptu trip. Uni offered us a free coach, and who am I to turn free stuff down? After some ridiculously last minute planning, I’ve decided my day will consist of cupcakes, museums, shopping and pizza. And lots and lots of dashing around trying to fit everything in before the coach leaves without me. And trying not to end up on the wrong side of the city (the tube? Seriously confusing). And, er, trying not to completely batter my overdraft in all the pretty flagship stores. Hellooo Burberry.

On a side note, I finally have twitter. Purely for this blog really, I don’t even have a personal one. And I call myself tech savvy, I know, I know. Follow me please (@leadwiththehips), and teach me how to use it while you’re at it…


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