I’m here to save your bank account – Part 1.

Only when it comes to buying make up though. I can’t help you with your Starbucks addiction, you’re on your own with that one. Sorry. I might do a similar post on buying clothes (and shoes and accessories, obviously) in the near future if I can think of anything, but to be quite honest I need a little help in that area myself.


I know the image isn’t really relevant, but I didn’t know what else to use, okay?

Anyway. I’m not trying to discourage your beauty obsession – I’d much rather encourage it, believe me – just help you be a little more economical. Of course, feel free to disregard all this completely, we all know it’s much more fun to go completely wild in Boots and justify it with the Advantage card points you get (it’s pretty much free money and you can’t turn that down, we all know that), but if you’re trying to be good here are my best tips and tricks.

  • Avoid false economies. The best example I can think of here is make up brushes – if you invest in a good set they’ll last you forever. MAC are overrated, ELF are rubbish, The Body Shop are your best bet by far. Same goes for actual products though – my new powder is a good example. I used to use 17’s Pressed Powder, and at £3.99 a pop it was a bargain. However, I was using it up and repurchasing every month, so it was still working out a lot more expensive than my NARS overall.
  • Consider the cost per wear. Yes a neon orange Tom Ford lipstick (do they even do one?) might seem like a good idea at the time, but you’ll only wear it twice and it costs you a fortune. A classic red or pink however, go all out!
  • Look for freebies in magazines. Glamour are great for Benefit minis, and Elle are generally good for expensive free gifts too. Side note: is anyone else reluctant to buy a magazine if you don’t get a little present?
  • Use the Boots extra offers kiosks! They’re especially good for discounted 17 make up, and I swear the 10% off toothpaste/shampoo/deodorant is permanantly on. Beware though, if you’re anything like me you’ll buy stuff you don’t need purely because it’s cheap …
  • Everything has a dupe. Well, almost everything. Temptalia has a great dupe finder – check out Make Up Alley reviews too.
  • If it’s something a little more expensive, it’s usually worth shopping around to see where you can find it cheaper. Feel Unique is a good bet, and try Google Shopping too. Stay away from Ebay, I don’t care how reputable and trustworthy a seller is, it’s not worth the risk of getting a fake.
  • Free samples! Everyone loves a sample. You won’t get one for cheap make up, but when it comes to YSL, Dior and Clarins (to name a few, give it a go everywhere) go all out. Flutter your eyelashes and repeat after me: ‘Hi, I don’t suppose you offer any samples do you? It’s just, I’ve had my eye on the *insert product name here* but it’s such a lot of money to spend when you don’t know if it’s right for you.’ Works like a charm.
  • Easy on the application! I bet at least 50% of people are using too much of one of the products on their face and I bet they look worse off for it – no offence meant if that’s you. Moisturiser is a repeat offender for this. Try appying it on a slightly damp face and you’ll find you need nowhere near as much. Most people can afford to wear a little less blusher, and avoid caking on the powder too – a little goes a long way! And please, don’t get me started on people who overuse the eyebrow pencils …
  • Buy multi-tasking products. Think: brown eyeliner which you can use as eyebrow pencil; cream blusher which can be used on your lips; and highlighter which can be used pretty much anywhere (sparingly people, we don’t want you looking like Edward Cullen on his summer holidays). 
  • And finally, vouchers and promo codes! I’m a big fan of promo codes. Sign up for emails and post from places like Forever Unique and Boots, and Google for voucher/promotional codes before you make a purchase online.

I was a little bit reluctant to add this point, because it’s just SO BORING. Please disregard it. I just feel obligated for some reason:

  • Use up the products you already have before buying more.


There you go, feel free to spend all the money you’ve saved on something really important like clothes. Or that aforementioned Starbucks addiction. Follow me though, in a few days I’ll upload a quick post on what you should save on and what you should splurge on when it comes to beauty I’ve got it written already, I just like to keep you on your toes you see.


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