How to style Crop Tops.

Wanna hear something crazy? You don’t have to look like Miranda Kerr in order to wear a crop top. In fact I own at least 5, and I’m about as far from a VS model as they come. Size 10 – inching uncomfortably close to a 12 – with a midriff that hoards all the chocolate I eat, yet I wear crop tops and don’t look completely horrendous. When the trend first came about a while ago I was disgusted – nobody needs to walk around looking like Mel C back in the day (no offence Mel). But thankfully they’ve been given an update and come in so many shapes, styles and most importantly lengths, so there’s one to suit everyone.

Okay first off, no I do not recommend flashing your (utterly non-existent, if you’re anything like me) abs to everyone who has the fortune to walk past you. The beauty of the trend now, is that there are high waisted skirts, shorts and trousers everywhere so at most, all there’s going to be is a glimpse of skin when you reach up. And unless you look like this – hello, girl crush – in which case you should walk around in a bikini, that’s probably for the best. You’d only develop hypothermia with your stomach out in February. While I don’t recommend high waisted jeans (because I hate them), slightly higher rise ones are acceptable if you have a great midriff. And anything else high waisted should be fully embraced. Feel free to tuck the tops into skirts or shorts, or let them hang over the top – I find that if I’m letting them hang loose I’m better off with one that hits just above my natural waistline so you can see the narrowest part of me, otherwise I look approximately 5 stone heavier. Really it’s much like anything else – trial and error for finding the most flattering styles for you – some ladies look fab in longer ones, some in short, and some lucky bitches girls look good in pretty much anything.

For daytime, keep it nice and casual. My favourite thing to team crop tops with is a good old skater skirt, but I’m biased because they’re my favourites. They’re just flattering and look fab on pretty much everyone. If you’re slim, go for a bodycon midi skirt, preferably a patterned one – these also look great with fitted crop tops, especially if there’s a little sliver of skin on show between the two. I’ve seen some summery trousers in shops now (well, New Look have some) and they would be perfect for when the weather heats up a bit. If you insist on wearing jeans go for a straight legged pair rather than a skinny, and make sure they’re high-rise enough to avoid any potential builder’s bum situations. For jackets you’re safe in pretty much anything – cardigans, blazers, denim jackets, etc – I love a summery crop top and shorts with an oversized chunky knit cardigan. Keep your shoes casual – stay away from heels unless it’s in the form of wedge trainers – and stick to simple jewellery and pretty make up.

For night, feel free to slutty it up a little bit more and flash the flesh (Daily Mail-esque phrase for you there). Killer heels are obviously a necessity, I love the chunky patterned ones below! If you have disco pants get them on and work it – they won’t be in fashion for much longer and they cost you £70-odd so make the most of them while you can! Pencil skirts look fab, as always and are much more classic, try one in leather. Or, y’know, plastic. To go for something a bit different, try layering your crop top over a pretty dress, belted at the middle or not it will look so pretty. When it comes to bags, clutches are always a failsafe – if you can find a simple square shaped one snap it up because they’re going to be huge. Stick to blazers to keep warm – I prefer oversized ones with such little tops, gives it a nice balance – and feel free to go big with your jewellery too. Try a massive pair of chandelier earrings.



Keep it pretty and casual, with stomach flashing kept to a minimum. Pretty much anything high waisted goes, but generally avoid jeans. Patterns and bright colours are always good. Shoes should be casual and jewellery simple.

Night time


Go for high heels, oversized blazers and even more oversized jewellery. Wear something fitted on the bottom half if you can get away with it, if you can’t, go short. Clutches should either be very statement or very simple.

There you go, that’s about all I have to say on the matter. I know, I know, about time right? To finish off, here are a few of my favourite styling examples from – as always –




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