Crazy colour your hair.




Coloured hair is so not just for scene kids and primary school discos any more. You see people walking round with anything from neon green to grey hair, and nobody even bats an eyelid any more. Not even the elderly generation – blue rinses are cool now, don’t you know? It doesn’t have to be as scary as buying a bottle of bright pink hair dye and slapping it on. Personally, I’m dying to give the light blue hair a go. Go on, dare me to and I’ll do it in the summer.

  • Try blending streaks of bright colour in with your own natural hair for a more subtle look.
  • Skip the pre-dye bleaching step, the colour will be more toned down and less vivid.
  • Mix the dye with a lot of conditioner to dilute it, and you’ll get a pastel tone.
  • Try a couple of shades of colour to make it look more natural and multi-tonal, i.e. light lilac and a slightly deeper violet.
  • Need I say it – ombré hair. Natural roots, colour blended down into the tips.

There are plenty of tutorials online on how best to go about dying your hair like this. Give them a read, especially if you’re wanting to go pastel, because you WILL need to bleach your hair first and you WILL need to be very careful. Your best bet is either to do a lot of reading up online (I found these tutorials which seem pretty informative: here and here), or to go into a couple of local salons and talk to them about it – they’re the experts after all! As for the dye, there’s really only one way to go apparently: Directions!

P.S. if you have coloured hair, please send me a photo. I want to see!


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