NARS Loose Powder (and a sneaky pancake shot).


Does anyone remember my beauty wishlist post? With all the expensive make up I couldn’t afford?

Yeah, may have bought it all.

I’m not even going to try and justify it to be quite honest with you, I am an extremely weak human being. But, I’ve had it all about 2 months(ish) now, and I love it all and haven’t regretted it for a second. Here’s my first review, of the NARS Loose Powder.

I got it in shade ‘Flesh’, which shock horror, isn’t the palest shade they offer. It matches my extremely fair skin pretty well, but it’s quite translucent so I think it would be relatively forgiving anyway – I’m hoping I’ll be able to wear it in the Summer alright too. It costs £26.50 for an absolutely whopping 35g (this stuff will last you forever). The packaging is a pain in the neck, you have to be pretty careful when transporting it or it’ll go everywhere – I just put a bobble around the tub and it holds it all tight and in place, that’s been fine for me. The holes in the sifter are pretty big – it also comes with a mesh sifter but I immediately chucked that in the bin.


To use it, I sprinkle a little bit into the lid, swirl my big fluffy powder brush into it until it’s all picked up, then I buff it gently into my face starting with the areas that need it most. It sets my make up really nicely: it doesn’t look cakey at all, gives a nice glowy, slightly luminous finish and most importantly, it lasts. I apply it first thing in the morning (hahaha, morning. Try 1pm when I usually get up) and it usually needs a very light re-application around 7 hours later or so. I have pretty oily skin, so that’s impressive. It also doesn’t oxidise, which is a big problem I’ve had with powders previously.

It is expensive, I know. But you get so much product – I’ve been using it every day since I got it and aside from the colour of the puff you can’t tell it’s been used – it’s easily going to last me over a yearI used to use a 17 pressed powder, which cost me £3.99 a pop, but I had to re-buy it every month because it just didn’t last. Bit of a false economy really.


I’d definitely recommend this, it’s just everything you need in a powder. It’s light, glowy, controls oil, sets your make up and will quite frankly, last you forever. If you have very dry skin it might be a bit too chalky for you, but if you’re normal/combination/slightly dry/oily you’ll be fineeee. It melds with any oils your skin starts to produce and just creates a really natural looking finish.

And finally, not strictly relevant, but I hope you all had a fab pancake day! I demolished a ridiculous amount – mostly with my usual orange juice and sugar, but I may have treated myself to a couple of vanilla ice cream/Nutella chocolate chip pancakes too …



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