Top 10 fashion rules you should blatantly ignore – part 2.

Here’s part two of my rant against fashion rules. To read about double denim, green and pink, black and navy, horizontal stripes and bra straps, click here.

6) Don’t wear patterns on your bottom half if you’re a pear.

Curves are acceptable again ladies, big bums are ace. Get your patterned trousers on and highlight that arse. Just take a look at Kimberley (second from the right, keep up) and how amazing she looks – she’s as pear as they come and she looks incredible here. If you’re too self conscious for something high waisted, try pairing patterned skinny or peg leg trousers with a long peplum top.

7) Don’t wear midis or maxis if you’re petite.

This is my fellow blogger Jodi, her blog’s here (she has incredible style, take a look). She’s 5ft1, and she lives in maxi and midi skirts. And she pulls them off better than anyone else I know. If these photos aren’t proof enough that you little ladies can wear longer styles, I have no hope for the world. Topshop has a nice range of them in their petite section too – if Topshop says it’s okay, it’s probably okay.

8) Don’t mix prints.

Today, I wore a blue floral snood, a black and grey lace pattern skirt and leopard print shoes. Not even kidding. Clashing prints is cool now. It makes your outfit look so much more interesting, and when you have lots of patterned pieces of clothing in your wardrobe (or on your floor) it stops you from feeling limited on what can go together. Start with something simple, like patterned shoes with a checked shirt, and work your way up to different patterns on the top and bottom half. I have my eye on this striped peplum top to wear with my black and white polka dot skirt.

9) Always match your shoes to your handbag.

The rule to match your shoes and bag is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. I literally use two handbags – a big mint green one, and a burgundy satchel. I don’t own any mint green or burgundy shoes, what on earth am I meant to do? Clashing bags and shoes are normal.

10) Don’t wear socks and sandals.

Do you see how cute that is?! Plus, it’ll keep your feet warm and you don’t have to bother re-painting your toenails. Topshop have a great range of ankle socks in their 3 for £8 offer – I need these mint green ones more than I need food. Try some of the pretty patterned ones, or even better, frilly ones like in the photo. Go black on black if you’re a little bit scared, or try contrasting them – coral socks with turquoise heels would look AMAZING. Go on, I dare you.


One thought on “Top 10 fashion rules you should blatantly ignore – part 2.

  1. I want to for into the Fashion Design business. But I literally have NO idea where to start.
    I’m 15 and going into 5th year, well tomorrow! And I’m a little stuck and in need of lots of information. Do I need to do a Fashion Design college course? (Textile design I think, it’s called.)

    I’m interested in finding out where to actually start, and how to get my items recognised.

    Please someone help.
    People with actual fashion knowledge would be so awesome, and much appreciated :)
    Thank you!

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