Top 10 fashion rules you should blatantly ignore – part 1.

I don’t like fashion rules. Fashion’s about self expression, and how on earth are you meant to do that with a load of different rules to try and abide by? As far as I’m concerned, you should intentionally try and break them, because most of the time they’re a load of rubbish. Here are my top 10 which should be ignored at all times. Read the first 5 here, the next 5 will be up in a week!

1) Don’t wear black with brown or navy.

I’m really surprised that even now, people won’t wear black and navy, or even black and brown together. This is a particularly old fashioned rule. Would you avoid using your expensive tan leather handbag just because you’re wearing a black dress? Or not wear a black top because you’re wearing – shock, horror – dark blue jeans? Thought not. Black and brown are both neutrals so they go together, fact. And black makes navy look modern.


2) Don’t wear horizontal stripes if you don’t want to look fat.

Er. Someone needs to tell this girl that horizontal stripes make you look fat. I’m KIDDING, guys. They don’t. Yes, they draw the eye across the body rather than up and down, but that doesn’t make you look fat – eyes aren’t stupid. The style of clothing matters a lot more than the stripes – if you’re wearing a tight fitting dress or top which highlights any lumps and bumps, and it happens to have stripes, I’ll give you one guess which part is making you look bigger. A good fitting, flattering piece of clothing will look great regardless of the pattern.


3) Never wear double denim.

Don’t try telling me double denim doesn’t work because I won’t listen. It’s like saying you can’t wear a cotton skirt with a cotton top. There are so many different colours, weights and styles of denim that it’s easy to make this look great – your main trick is to make sure you use two different colours, and then it’s simple to go from there. Accessorise with contrasting shoes, and try a belt to break it up a little.


4) Pink and green should never be seen.

I just bought a dark green satin dress, and I fully intend on wearing it with fuchsia court shoes and a matching flower in my hair. And there’s no denying mint green and pastel pink look brilliant in the summer. If watermelons can pull it off and look ridiculously appealing, so can you.


5) Don’t show your bra straps.

Why should good lingerie be restricted to the bedroom? Answer: it shouldn’t. A cheeky flash of bra strap – as long as it’s not your manky, long overdue a wash nude t-shirt bra – is harmless, so don’t shy away from it. Especially if it’s a pretty bra strap. Mimi Holliday’s current range is gorgeous but expensive, or try New Look for something cheaper, they have some really pretty bits and bobs.

Hang around for a week, and you’ll get to see part 2. Even better, follow me.


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