How to style Midi Dresses.

I love midi dresses. Love love love them. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good old short skirt, but since the summer I’ve been lusting after so many midis. It’s just such a flattering length – you don’t have to worry about faffing around with fake tan  and making sure you’re not flashing your bum to the world when you bend over, and you don’t to spend your life on wind-watch, making sure your skirt doesn’t blow up around your head. Happened to me far too many times for me to be comfortable with.

This winter, there are loads of bodycon midis around, which is a nice change from all the loose fitting ones that have been in stores over the summer and autumn. They’re easier to style without looking frumpy but they can be tricky in their own little way – can you wear flats with them? What about belts? And what jackets look good?! My answers are yes, yes and most. I dunno about everyone else, but in my head things never seem to work, then you try them on or see them on someone else and they look fab. One thing about these dresses, is that they don’t really need accessorising that much. Unless it’s a really basic one, they’re quite a statement piece of clothing anyway, so relax on the post-getting dressed necklace-bracelets-rings-scarves-earrings-headbands-gloves-belts-anklets-whateverelseyoucanthinkof panic. One or two bits is fine, trust me.

For daytime, keep it casual. Midi dresses are naturally quite dressy a lot of the time, so dress them down with soft knitwear and simple shoes. Monochrome’s going to be massive in the Spring (which according to the shops is, er, now) so try a stripy black and white jumper over the top, or give a big cosy cardigan a go – chances are you already have one in your wardrobe. They don’t need a belt, but look quite nice with a really skinny one belted around the waist, try one with details on, or in a contrasting colour. A leather jacket or big slouchy denim shirt would look good over the top, and for jewellery try a statement necklace. Shoe-wise, just stick on the same ankle boots you’ve been wearing all winter, your comfy converse, or some basic ballet flats.

For the evening, midi dresses are really easy to style. Like I’ve said (about a million times) they don’t need much, so try adding smart accessories in a bright colour, like a cobalt blazer, bright blue stilettos – platforms are so 2012 – or an emerald green envelope clutch (which, for the record, I need). I like how they look with a big, huuuuge necklace, but if you’re a fan of other jewellery go for an embellished chunky cuff, or some statement earrings. Keep your make up nice and vampy – it’s still cold enough outside to warrant it – with a deep red lipstick and sparkly black nails.

Images, as always. This midi in question is just £12.99 from New Look – also available with long sleeves, for an extra 2 quid. Bargain of the century.



Try teaming your midi with really casual jackets and accessories to stop it from looking too dressy in the daytime. One statement piece of jewellery is plenty.


Night time

Big bold heels and a smart jacket – if you need a jacket – is the best thing for dressing them up. One massive piece of jewellery and some dark lippy and you’re done.


Topshop, New Look and River Island are best for these sort of dresses at the minute, I’ve found. There are loads in depending on your budget, style and occasion, so give one a go! Here are my favourites. Top row L – R: New Look, £15 New Look, £17, New Look, £17, New Look, £15, Cameo Rose at New Look, £15, New Look, £15, River Island, £25. Bottom row L – R: River Island, £25, River Island, £35, River Island, £25, Topshop, £29, Topshop, £45, Topshop, £32, Topshop, £32.

And finally – I know, I know, the end’s in sight – here’s a few of my favourites from


5 thoughts on “How to style Midi Dresses.

  1. thank you this has been so helpful, i purchased a midi dress from new look but didn’t know how to make it more for the daytime, this has given me some great ideas x

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    • Hmmm yes Foakleys, that is a very valid point which I didn’t consider previously. Thank you for sharing your opinion on midi dresses, I value the feedback so much, helpful comments like this contribute towards me improving my blog so readers like you enjoy it.

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