I’m such a cheapskate – I can’t help but look at slogan tees and think ‘god, I could do this with a fabric pen on my kitchen table’. And if I can, so can you! Seriously, customising your own t-shirt is literally as easy as writing in most cases – sometimes you might have to draw, but it’s up to you – and it’s better than buying one from the high street because it’s one of a kind. And when somebody asks you where it’s from, you can say smugly ‘oh, I designed it myself’ (smugness non-optional). Simply buy a cheap t shirt (or 5) from Primark to practice on, then you can either wear the finished result or be extravagant and invest in a little Topshop number to scribble on.

Use a fabric pen by the way, not a Sharpie. Just trust me on that one. Fabrico are good and come in about a billion different colours, but just head to your local craft shop and have a look what’s available. You’ll want one that lasts through washing.

When you want to use it, make sure you stick a sheet of paper up the t-shirt, so on the off chance the ink goes through the first layer it won’t go onto the back of it. Make sure the top is completely clean before you decorate it, and let it set for a full day before you wash or wear it.

Here’s some inspiration.


And if you’re feeling really creative …



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