Colour of the season: Oxblood.

I know, I know. Oxblood sounds so … grim. I also think it sounds old fashioned, but I think that’s just my brain getting it mixed up with oxtail (y’know, as in soup), so I’m probably alone on that one. But anyway, regardless of how it sounds, it’s everywhere this season and I fully intend on filling up my wardrobe – and anything else I can get away with – with things this colour. Here’s some inspiration for you. Pretty much everything’s Topshop, aside from the pencil skirt (Dotty P’s) and the court shoes (ASOS). Just makes my life easier to do it like that, okay?

As for styling it, that’s easy. It’s really pretty versatile, so go wild. Obviously it will go great with neutrals like black, white and denim, so for a simple look try teaming an oxblood blazer with a graphic tee and jeans. Alternatively, the oversized jumper on the right would look great with disco pants or leather trousers, or you could even try the pencil skirt with a very on-trend (even though I hate them) camo jacket for something a little edgier.

But it doesn’t have to end with your wardrobe – oxblood’s massive in beauty too. Try it on your nails – if you’re not brave enough for the full look try the colour just on the tips, French mani style – or your lips if you’ve got the guts to venture out like that. I have a gorgeous lipstick (Kate Moss Matte 107, if you’re wondering), but I’m too much of a wimp to wear it in public, instead I just try it on in front of my bathroom mirror then take it off again. THE coolest.


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